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    Season 4 of Dota 2 Premier League will feature 8 top teams as well as 2 teams who made it through the open qualifiers. It will have a $10,000 prize pool and will begin on the 10th of February. The league format will be the same as the previous season with each team playing each other and the top 4 teams moving on to the playoffs tournament.

    Source: Premier League Season 4

    TPL American Qualifier Results:
    1st: paiN-Gaming
    2nd: Grats Tho
    3rd/4th: Da beatz and inphinity +4

    Gosucup America Results:
    1st: GU Peru
    2nd: rat
    3rd: GraTs ThO
    4th: TOP5

    Source: Gosucup America Bracket
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    1. GranDGranT's Avatar
      GranDGranT -
      Grats to not grats tho
    1. OhMyDog's Avatar
      OhMyDog -
      mexico dota!!!!
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