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    Team Liquid interviews Sam "BuLba" Sosale on the progress of Liquid's new Dota 2 team and recent developments in the competitive scene.

    Originally Posted by :
    What has been your favourite moment so far with Team Liquid?

    Probably winning the BTS weekend cup. Also beating EG, because it's EG.
    Originally Posted by :
    A few of us were wondering a few months back where you got the Shadow Blade Bounty Hunter build. What was the inspiration?

    After the Shadow Blade buff, I got the item on every hero. The stats were amazing and I just decided to use it on Bounty Hunter. I saw that you can Shadow Blade and Shadow Walk at the same time and get the Jinada buff doing insane damage.
    Read the full interview on Team Liquid
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    1. Skywalk3r's Avatar
      Skywalk3r -
      Always nice to hear about progress and what the team thinks of their progress. Great read.
    1. Audrey Belrose's Avatar
      Audrey Belrose -
      wut a handsome young lad
    1. baba_'s Avatar
      baba_ -
      you need to work on your smile
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