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    Team Liquid interviews Sam "BuLba" Sosale on the progress of Liquid's new Dota 2 team and recent developments in the competitive scene.

    What has been your favourite moment so far with Team Liquid?

    Probably winning the BTS weekend cup. Also beating EG, because it's EG.
    A few of us were wondering a few months back where you got the Shadow Blade Bounty Hunter build. What was the inspiration?

    After the Shadow Blade buff, I got the item on every hero. The stats were amazing and I just decided to use it on Bounty Hunter. I saw that you can Shadow Blade and Shadow Walk at the same time and get the Jinada buff doing insane damage.
    Read the full interview on Team Liquid
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    1. Skywalk3r's Avatar
      Skywalk3r -
      Always nice to hear about progress and what the team thinks of their progress. Great read.
    1. Audrey Belrose's Avatar
      Audrey Belrose -
      wut a handsome young lad
    1. baba_'s Avatar
      baba_ -
      you need to work on your smile
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