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    Evil Geniuses fly through the brackets without dropping a single game and secure a 2-0 win against paiN Gaming in the grand finals.

    paiN replaced Virtus.Pro in the finals due to scheduling conflicts.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMaster
    Virtus.pro received the invite to the EIZO CUP about two weeks ago and accepted. The date and times were known from the start. Two days before the start of the main tournament they approached us, because they were double booked. So we adjusted the schedule: The semifinals started an hour sooner, the grand final got delayed by an hour. We even had a long break on the stream, just for them. So right when we wanted to start the grand final, they informed us that they're unable to play. This is heavy missmanagment from VP, especially after we've shifted our plans for them. Therefore Virtus.pro was disqualified and paiN took their place in the grand final.
    1st: Evil Geniuses (1,250)
    2nd: paiN Gaming (500)
    3rd: Virtus.Pro
    3rd: Team Liquid

    Team Liquid was undefeated until their 0-2 loss to EG.

    Source: Eizo Cup
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    1. Skywalk3r's Avatar
      Skywalk3r -
      EG went hard that tourney. North American DOTA is looking pretty strong.
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