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    MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA -- Saturday, March 2, 2013 -- Lan ETS kicked off yesterday featuring tournaments in Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, League of Legends, Dota 2, NHL 13, and Super Street Fighter IV.

    The Dota 2 event begins tonight at 9pm EST and will continue through Sunday night. With 20 teams competing in the Dota 2 event, two NADotA teams stand out as favorites:

    NaturalTalent (aka Jubei)

    My Intent

    The tournament begins with a group stage, followed by a single elimination playoff bracket.

    Group A Group B
    Armata Gaming (3-0) Monkey Rabbits (3-0)
    Best Friends Forever (2-1) AwkwardlyWetKleenex (2-1)
    Club nrkGaming (1-2) LANormaL (1-2)
    mid or feed (0-3) Exitium (0-3)

    Group C Group D Group E
    Lust (3-0) Qop Top (3-0) Team Killing Spree Prime (3-0)
    My Intent (2-1) Quick Rip (2-1) Together We Go (2-1)
    MasterDwellers (1-2) OutStanding (1-2) VnD (1-2)
    Mannered Krew (0-3) Shitty Nutbags (0-3) Exitium Team B (0-3)

    1st: Lust ($1250)
    2nd: My Intent ($500)
    3rd: Qop Top ($250)

    Live Stream
    Watch the event live this weekend on Twitch.TV.

    Lust, Febby, SunBhie, and Jubei

    More Information

    Follow NADotA on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for the latest competitive DotA news from the North America.

    Photos and information courtesy of Jeremy "Risk_Player" Leblanc.
    Comments 33 Comments
    1. Notor's Avatar
      Notor -
      So many Maple Leaves
    1. Spit-wad's Avatar
      Spit-wad -
    1. Windmonk's Avatar
      Windmonk -
      Quebec ftw
    1. Hype's Avatar
      Hype -
      I can't french, I'll just pretend they are doing a great job casting.
      GL Team Lust.
    1. Ganked's Avatar
      Ganked -
      Wish I went this year, you better get win it lust! Febby owns.
    1. G.SkiLL's Avatar
      G.SkiLL -
      remember when sunbhie said he was goign to smash jubei's face in the next time they meet at a lan

      i wonder if he came through on that
    1. LNCh's Avatar
      LNCh -
      Probably not. He got scared when som1 who livesd in montreal told him to watch his mouth. Kid has no balls.
    1. xseC's Avatar
      xseC -
      team lust ! ! !
    1. Jcphne's Avatar
      Jcphne -
      good luck
    1. Boogaloo.'s Avatar
      Boogaloo. -
      GO NADOTA friends~
    1. Skywalk3r's Avatar
      Skywalk3r -
      Jubei + Febby are so ham together. GL to both teams!
    1. GranDGranT's Avatar
      GranDGranT -
      Wish i was jubei
    1. Insomniac's Avatar
      Insomniac -
      hopefully something like this happens on west coast id be all over that
    1. Milkshake's Avatar
      Milkshake -
      Wow, 20 teams at a lan? That's really fucking good turnout tbh. Gl everyone!
    1. TheAmazingKoalaDolphin's Avatar
      TheAmazingKoalaDolphin -
      GL to both teams, rooting for team killing spree too since i know the founder of the clan. wish i was there and not working :'(
    1. Risk's Avatar
      Risk -
      We're playing Semis tmr at 9am...haven't lost yet:
    1. TheAmazingKoalaDolphin's Avatar
      TheAmazingKoalaDolphin -
      can you guys pick bloodseeker, that would be dope.
    1. Risk's Avatar
      Risk -
      We raped a team with treant and some other retarded hero that i can't remember, it was pretty fun
    1. TheAmazingKoalaDolphin's Avatar
      TheAmazingKoalaDolphin -
      aint no bloodseeker, gotta go dagon too.
    1. ima_sheep(sux)'s Avatar
      ima_sheep(sux) -
      can you guys take some pics or vids of the girls there
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