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    Quote Originally Posted by Strobe View Post
    hax's new controller video is pretty neat even if its probably 3 times as long as it needs to be
    One of my friends told me to watch it at 2x speed
    If were to compare us to the television program 'Scrubs,' we would be JD and Elliot because even though things have not worked out thus far, in the end we are destined to be together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GranDGranT View Post
    Like I really do wish I was that sheltered and didnt have to worry about anything in the world except the next time my dad is going to ask me turn off my stream and fuck me

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    if u watch it at 1.25 or 1.5 and then put it back to normal speed it makes it seem like hes drunk lmao, all his videos r like that tho

    i think its a pretty solid argument to push but im no TO. the main negative is scaring off new people from playing because they think they have to put money into a controller, although u could also make the argument its like that now for intermediate players with everyone complaining about their controller's dashback/shield drops. i dont feel like that's ever stopped somebody from playing though.

    also if anybody plans on doing it i think u need to put a logic level converter somewhere as well, the arduino operates at 5V logic high and this website says the gamecube uses 3.43V for logic high, which i think means u risk breaking both ur controller and the setup's port (another argument against its legality)

    that seems like a far better and safer method
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