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    Quote Originally Posted by miipsx View Post
    ravyn lenae is the most interesting artist out there alongside jorja smith right now

    You'll get more of a discussion if you post this in the music thread my man, just Google nAdota music thread

    Good music

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    i post where i want

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    thanks for the heads up tho

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    Beyond Grantlike
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    Mar 2015
    just bought a house
    Quote Originally Posted by bayonettahasnoass View Post
    nice sunglasses and suit, why dont u wear a fedora to complete the process fucking retard

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    nice. can't wait to see a hotly debated castle doctrine slaying in the near future
    Quote Originally Posted by yung_nigga_sigma View Post
    No, I moved states in both cases when I found out they were pregnant. I don't have a Facebook and never tell people my last name so it's hard to track me down

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    Aren't you like a fat pedophile or something?

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    What? Haha.

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    when's the housewarming casey?

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    Sorry too busy working super late every day. Got home 11:45 today
    Has been sober so no mental breakdown so far
    Just stressed out dealing with incompetent and/or difficult people
    Putting weights.. I need to be more careful about food intakes..
    Work friend (I'm on client side) got Visa transfer denied and getting kicked out to India.. feel awful and sorry for him. He can't even work remotely either. He did master at US and got married here, built awesome life and solid career, but all of those are getting destroyed now. What a ridiculous turnout.
    I'm patiently waiting my review result..
    Still lonely af, but supplements helps my hormone and mood in control. Not a significant depression, sadness, anxiety issue recently.

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    Holy Shit
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    Good to hear Sudo!

    Much better to gain a little weight than to smoke a little meth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Grimes View Post
    when's the housewarming casey?

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    it's polite to shake hands with guests just so you know

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    boston major reunion at Casey's place? @asoul @dan @casey @nyte

    what do you guys think?

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    Beyond Grantlike
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    Say no more fam. .. I'm there already
    We must be careful what we pretend to be.
    -Mark Twain

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    You bringing your superhot girlfriend (that you have tons of sex with) or are you coming stag?

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    I'm there. Hope you guys don't mind that I'm bringing both my hands because we are gonna have a slapping good time! *hi-5s*

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    maybe he turns out to be gay and you can get married to open a new chapter in you're lives with a fresh visa

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    Quote Originally Posted by humboldt View Post
    7.5 more hours at work. Someone bait numeta or get baited by numeta
    Thanks a_m
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    Mines small lol "concealed"

    אני אוהב גיאורג סורוס

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