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    Quote Originally Posted by Casandra View Post
    thats why we did it before the return nerf and not after

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    HoD a centaur creep and use manta = instant meepo
    Quote Originally Posted by yung_nigga_sigma View Post
    No, I moved states in both cases when I found out they were pregnant. I don't have a Facebook and never tell people my last name so it's hard to track me down

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    >open thread
    >scroll through to see that numeta hasnt replied
    >close thread

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    I posted my centaur meta tho ! I'll get to QoP and all other heroes soon.

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    Helm of dom first buy out of the jungle. Have a centaur neutral on follow to your mid. Buy Boots of Travel.

    Stampedge > Collision enemy with Neutral centaur and land stun > Teleport onto neutral as stun goes > Hoof Stomp as your telport in > Dj Khaled pops up with "Anotha one"

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