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Thread: Night Stalker

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    yea i always get urn on ns

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    I'll typically go urn phase armlet on mid ns. Then it depends. Sometimes bkb, echo is good, or if aghs is especially good that game. I'll typically get aghs as 4th item at the latest tho.

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    is it just me or is this hero severely underrated in the current meta

    especially as a counter to od/ember and other silence-averse heroes (ofc ember can go euls or manta etc but thats besides the overall question)

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    hero depends too much on player being good at dota, you cant just farm and rape afterwards
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    before u respond to that, please paraphrase the thought process that went through your head before posting that and then try to say it out loud without feeling like a fucking retard

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    im pretty sure ember will never get picked again now that root actually does what it's supposed to do against ember

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amercchi View Post
    hero depends too much on player being good at dota, you cant just farm and rape afterwards
    i always considered ns as a hero thats not especially hard to play as a ganker type

    u just run at shit with like phase and urn and maybe get a midas and maybe an armlet and maybe some utility items (solar?) and probably aghs gem eventually and u just keep running at shit, silencing the most key silence target, and feelin good
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    Ya Midas is pretty important
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    DAE consider themselves a closet anime watcher

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    agh == useless

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