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Thread: Ember Spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyboy View Post
    sf has to use razes to zone you cuz you have a pms and you have quelling so you get all the cs early, from there once ur lvl 3 to 5 all you have to do is catch him forward where he can only hit his close raze and its a kill as he needs to hit 2 razes to break shield at lvl 3 and 5. lvl 6 is a free kill as well. you just have to be careful if he hits lvl 5 before u his raze will break ur lvl 3 shield with one raze
    wont/dont u take way too much harrass for him to be close to u and not be able to dispel ur shield?

    wouldnt it would be safer to just try be even till ur 6 most of the time, unless theirs a rotation. But yea I played this match up a few times more and its not nearly as hard as I initially thought it was, if u get behind tho it would be reallly hard.

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    its safer im just a really aggressive player i guess. theres def times when he doesnt have a highground ward that he will accidentally walk to close or you can bait him in. 6k and 7k players let it happen all the time, tbh i find the better the player the easier they are to bait in which seems odd. i always have an easier time finding solo kills on good players rather than 6ks who just play passive as fuck. if you get behind you have the solo kill potential at 6 and the ability to rotate so it's not all bad.

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    Extremely broken and overpowered

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    what's the decision making process for going radiance vs maelstrom?

    also is veil still worth buying early or just go straight for bots?
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