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Thread: OD

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    I only saw the first 13 minutes or so tbh
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    Mines small lol "concealed"

    אני אוהב גיאורג סורוס

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    i didn't test it but i can imagine early meteor hammer actually working on this hero, run around and astral into hammer some bitches, the stats dont seem that bad for od either

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    the correct OD build is 3x energy booster followed by 3x moonshards. boots are not needed as OD has insane base movespeed already. this build will give the best results for DPS
    if needed by your carry, you can pool them a voidstone (which can later be combined with your third energy booster to make aether lens

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    pretty sure the build involves double null into boots into gloves of haste into treads into veil into branch into branch into mango into wand into staff of wizardy into mantle of intelligence into kaya into whatever the fuck else and just dpoing a fuckton of mgaic damagew with ult and 1 hitting PA's and lone druids and shit
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    nice sunglasses and suit, why dont u wear a fedora to complete the process fucking retard

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    you forgot hod so you can Astral centaur stomp people while boosting your own farming power with a creep

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    HoD isn't terrible on OD. Frost armor and Skadi neutral make the hero very good.

    Also yeah centaurs

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