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    did no one play pyre

    i suck at it

    expeditions: viking is still so good
    children of the zodiarcs is not
    fighting fantasy legends is good for like 5 hours
    same with shadows of adam

    thats a bunch of shit i played

    on to mordheim or some warhammer 40k shit and the banner saga 2/trails in the sky sc&3rd/nier: automata
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    Well this was... EP0CH.

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    what the fuck this game isn't even isometric or grid-based and there's like 5000 options

    this is going to take sopme getting used to

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    i linked that somewhere

    it looks real fun but the creator is a trumpian retarded and also delusional and it's probably never getting released so whatever

    im playing trails of the cold steel and trails is the best jrpg series ever and i need ii to be ported to pc and the zero/ao fan translations to be completed

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    nvm holy shit he released it lmao

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    someone tell me if grimoire is good

    expeditions: viking is still my favourite game ive played in a while but apparently conquistador is better so id recommend that

    trails of the cold steel is also my favourite jrpg series

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    That sounds very indie.
    We must be careful what we pretend to be.
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    thoughts re unsung story never coming out
    ask me about indigo children

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    isn't it an mmo now

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    dude is a complete sleazeball but the game's fun so i guess the joke's on me

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    ?? The US healthcare system is the best in the world.
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    you can 3d print ARs. Are you going to ban 3d printers as well?

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    yea idk lmao

    most impressive games ive played so far still cold steel and expeditions viking

    ur a fuckin loser if u havent played trails yet

    the only games i care about coming out anytime soon are d:os2, no truce with the furies, total war: warhammer ii, and maybe ni no kuni

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    why do yo uhave an anime sig?

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    game's real good

    where's my wesnoth rerelease ayway

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    tokyo xanadu eX+ probably goty 2018

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