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    it was oasis so that cant be it
    Quote Originally Posted by GranDGranT View Post
    hype's a 8 idiots
    Quote Originally Posted by Insil View Post
    wow like im actually really happy right now wtf if ou deserve nudes

    not from me tho, from another girl i mean ^__^

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    does it bounce on the jump pad

    if yes then play torb

    if no then play torb

    jing: first time i saw my girl
    jing: i mumbled for like an hour
    jing: i couldn't even keep eye contact
    jing: and she was like "can you speak up"
    jing: and then i just fucking left

    jing: i tried eating the girl out but i had no idea what i was doing
    jing: i felt like she faked moans or w/e
    jing: cause i had 0 idea of how to eat a girl out
    jing: i flicked it with my tongue
    jing: but eventually it got kind of repetitive and i had no idea what to do next
    jing: what a fucking horrible story

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    my baby

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    top 500 again boring ass meta

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