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    you should probably stop posting about it too itd be a real shame if you developed any rsi
    girl gamers dm me

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    1 essence of anger + 1 exalt (WED)

    I've been insanely lucky this league holy shit

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    Hit 36 challenges, got the awful portal MTX.

    MTX rewards have been really bad this league LOL.

    So for science I decided to fully block and sextant shaped vault with my KB wander. Grand total to sextant everything was around 450 chaos close to the peak of sextant prices i.e. 8 for each red, 7 for each yellow, 3 for each white.

    At first I was barely breaking even, then I bought a perfect goldwyrm and i was making money. Ok, great.

    Then I borrowed a biscos from my friend, and I was getting an abandoned wealth drop almost every other map, and hoarders dropping almost every map. I can still clear pretty well, and if I cut out a ring for a perfect perandus I can only imagine the gains are going to be much better.

    But then I got super bored and stopped playing. I got 2 chars now, a lvl 91 spectre necro and a lvl 95 wander.

    If I build a mapping build again next league, I'm never doing vault again. If you want to run a shaped strat and you want to map fast, I think shaped channel is the way to go. When I was running it with one of my guild mates wearing IIQ, it was raining humility cards probably getting anywhere between 3-8 per map, poorjoys is also great to run, I was getting around 6-10 chaotic dispositions per ROTA, but eh... at running rotas.

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