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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
    He's what Techies would be in real life
    An autistic cunt?

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    Whats His mmr now
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    You are absolutely lost.

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    everyone on this forum is what everyone on this forum hates


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    Beyond Grantlike
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    i got broxy recently and he was doing typical broxy things but he was the least annoying/retarded one on my team
    Quote Originally Posted by bayonettahasnoass View Post
    nice sunglasses and suit, why dont u wear a fedora to complete the process fucking retard

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    Quote Originally Posted by go zai View Post

    my boy
    the fuckin
    the money, you know?

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    i bet he spams techies so people spam ANELE in chat and hes a closet ANELE

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    broxy probably has the lowest apm:mmr ratio of all time

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    the emergence of broxy made it clear to me that the game of dota was beyond saving

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