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    Updated Guidelines - Looking for Players

    This sub has become a shit show and it's time to clean it up. We are very lax about shit posting elsewhere, but here it isn't welcome. Keep it team and player related. Any comments or threads not pertaining to team recruitment will be hidden/deleted. Repeated violations will get you play-penned.

    When recruiting for your team, please include the following info:

    Original Post
    • Team Name
    • MMR Range
    • Team Accomplishments
    • Location, time zones, goals (will this be strictly online, or do you plan to travel for lans?)
    • What you are looking for in a player (MMR range, experience, necessary availability, etc.)
    • How to reach you and necessary contact information (Do you prefer a reply in thread or via PM?, etc.)

    • Your reply should include all the info that the OP asks for in their posting. Some teams will require more information than others. How much info they need is up to them, but regardless, you need to keep your reply in line with their post. Provide all necessary information in one post (No double posts). You may also ask questions to the OP in your replies. You may bump if the OP hasn't responded within 48 hours. We don't want to censor you, but please use your best judgment when replying to a thread (is it really worth your fucking time to just flame some idiot looking for a team? Hope not).

    To keep it simple, trolling will not be tolerated in any form on this sub. If your post is not relevant to the thread it will be hidden. As I said before, repeated violations WILL result in action taken against you. Any questions can be PM'd to me or capgrass on here and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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