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    Updated Guidelines - Looking for Team

    This sub has become a shit show and it's going to be cleaned up. We are very lax about shit posting in other subs but it will not be tolerated here. Any threads/replies not pertaining to team recruitment will be hidden or deleted. Repeated shit posting will result in your being play-penned.

    When you are looking for a team, please make a post including the following info:

    Original Post
    • Include your current and highest MMR
    • Link to your Dotabuff or Yasp page
    • Roles you are willing to play on a team in order of most to least preferred
    • Server you play on and time zone
    • Other relevant info (Past xp, expectations of future team, etc.)
    • Preferred methods of contact and relevant contact info

    • Keep replies to personal vouches and questions. If you want a question answered and OP hasn't gotten back to you within 48 hours, you may bump your post. Other than that, double posts won't be allowed.

    To keep it simple, trolling will not be tolerated in any form on this sub. If your post is not relevant to the thread it will be hidden. As I said before, repeated violations WILL result in action taken against you. Any questions can be PM'd to me or capgrass on here and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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