Hello guys,

for everyone who wants to practice with his team, stack or even solo - FACEIT is providing several competitions throughout the day for free on North American server. Everything can be played for free and with prizes available to everyone.

Team Competitions

We run three or more cups per day at same times every day. There are 16 or more spots and everyone is able to sign in (Teams, stacks or solo players). Every cup has a prize in form of FACEIT Points - FACEIT currency which can be used in our shop to buy items, hardware or other goods.

Times are:
16:00 CDT-Prizepool: 4,000 FACEIT Points
18:00 CDT-Prizepool: 6,000 FACEIT Points
20:00 CDT-Prizepool: 4,000 FACEIT Points

Prizepool, Times and number of cups may change every week. You will always be able to see them listed on the Dota2 dashboard of FACEIT.

By being active in these cups you also improve your solo and team ranking which can directly affect your seeding for various Open Qualifiers that we host every month for many small and big tournaments.

Matchmaking Ladders

We run two free matchmaking ladders every day:

Afternoon FACEIT Ladder(12:00 - 19:00 CDT) -Prizepool: 13,000 FACEIT Points
Evening FACEIT Ladder(19:00 - 00:00 CDT) -Prizepool: 20,000 FACEIT Points

Before you queue for matchmaking, you need to select one of these ladders. Any wins/loses you have in matchmaking will reflect on your total points in these ladders. Ladder durations are listed in () so any points you win during that time will be your final standing. When ladder ends, top 50 players with most points won will win FACEIT Points.

All matches on FACEIT matchmaking and cups are ticketed and live on DotaTV.
Our new website: https://beta.faceit.com/
See you in games