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    in case you have stuff in your autoexec or separate configs for playing and casting or stuff like that, some things are currently not working:

    NOT working:

    dota_minimap_hero_size "1000"


    dota_minimap_hero_size 1000

    The game currently "auto adds" the quotation marks without checking if they are present. So you have to remove them from any command who is in the form of:

    dota_command variable

    for any alias, bind or anything else it works just as it used to like this:

    alias "+assisted" "dota_toggle_assisted_camera_operator"
    alias "-assisted" "dota_toggle_assisted_camera_operator"
    bind shift "+assisted"

    Just post here or on my twitter if you have some issues with console stuff in general, maybe I can help.

    edit, /u/CrimsonChevalier


    Also notify everyone that the settings for item hotkeys and ability hotkeys are changed in the way they work. The hotkeys for items (especially using the ALT ones) works different now. If you don't enable the "Enable Unique Keys per Cast Type for Items" in the Advanced Hotkeys option it won't work.

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    have to remove quotation marks from everything to get them working again

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    Yeah I'll update the original post once it seems like Valve is done messing with things for a while.

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    New commands from today's patch:

    dota_hero_tooltip <0/1/2> - Style of the hero tooltip. 0 = Corner | 1 = Overhead | 2 = Inline overhead
    dota_hud_unit_info <0/1> - Display net statistics on the hud
    dota_unit_draw_health_bar <0/1>
    dota_unit_use_player_color <num>

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    //Made by Solace (Stop adding me on steam unless i know you thanks, your just going to get blocked my time is not to fix everyone’s issues or explain something.)

    //Put .cfg files into dota 2 config folder "CFG"
    //C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg
    //C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg
    //The games UI keybinds stored in Steam\userdata\####\570\remote\cfg\dotakeys_person al.lst which are separate and executed each time you connect to a server. Unbind these ingame to avoid conflicts.

    //Protecting old settings/Removal instructions
    //To protect your old config.cfg from being written to, right click config.cfg in that folder and set properties to "read only" (note, most settings will never save other then the GUI binds in game those are stored in the .lst file).
    //If you did not do that initially you can remove them by deleting the autoexec.cfg/config.cfg from CFG folder and delete config.cfg from Steam\userdata\####\570\remote\cfg folder so it does not restore from steam cloud, a new config.cfg should be made on next launch with default values.
    //If you added other config files from the zip file it does not matter if they stay or not, only autoexec/config.cfg are executed on launch (others do but are not modified or anything)
    //If its too hard to figure out that's a shame, learn to use google.

    con_enable "1" //Derp
    developer "1" //Developer mode

    //Rcon for custom server
    rcon_password "solace"

    //Console output
    con_filter_enable "1" //Enable filters
    con_filter_text "!!!" //Write filter settings
    con_notifytime "1" //How long to display recent console text to the upper part of the game window
    con_nprint_bgalpha "50" //Con_NPrint background alpha
    con_nprint_bgborder "5" //Con_NPrint border size
    contimes "4" //Number of console lines to overlay for debugging


    rate "100000" //Total amount of bandwidth Dota 2 may use (Default "80000" Min/Max "10000-1000000")
    cl_updaterate "100" //Amount of updates received from server per second (Default "30" Min/Max "20-30")
    cl_cmdrate "100" //Amount of updates sent to server per second (Default "30" Min/Max "20-30")
    cl_interp "0" //cl_interp 1 / cl_updaterate * (cl_interp_ratio ) (Default "0.1" Min/Max "0-0.5")
    cl_interp_ratio "1" //Multiplies final result of cl_interp (Default "2" Min/Max "1-5")
    cl_smooth "0" //Smooth view/eye origin after prediction errors (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_smoothtime "0.01" //When errors occur smooth display over X time, 0 Disables (Default "0.1" Min/Max "0.01-2")
    clientport "27009" //Clients port to be used for outgoing connections (Default "27005" Min/Max "1-65535")
    clientportany "0" //Selects a random port for client port (Default "0" Enabled "1")
    cl_lagcompensation "1" //Server side lag compensation of weapon firing events (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_timeout "5" //Seconds before determining the failure of a connection (Default "30" Min/Max "0-")
    cl_resend "1.5" //Seconds before attempting to recconect (Default "6" Min/Max "0-")
    net_queued_packet_thread "0" //Controls priority queued packets (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    net_maxcleartime 0.01 //Seconds we can wait for next packets to be sent (Default "4")
    net_maxfragments "1200" //Max fragment bytes per packet (Default "1200")
    net_maxroutable "1200" //Requested max packet size before packets are 'split'. (Default "1200")

    cl_spectator_cmdrate_factor "1" //Multiplier for CMD rate while spectating (Default "0.5" Min/Max "0-")
    cl_spectator_interp_ratio "3" //Multiplier for interp while spectating (Default "2" Min/Max "0-")
    tv_nochat "0" //Spectator chat in dota tv (Default "0" "1" Disables "0" Enabled

    //Performance tweaks

    fps_max_splitscreen "300" //Max FPS on dual monitors (Default "300" Min/Max "0-300"
    fps_max "300" //Max FPS for client to render (Default "120" Min/Max "0-300")
    mat_vsync "0" //VSYNC on/off (Disables "0" Enabled "1")
    mat_triplebuffered "0" //Enable with vsync for a performance boost if fps is less than 60 (Disables "1" Enabled "0")
    mat_queue_mode "2" //Quad core rendering (Default/Auto "-1" Possible boost "2")
    snd_mix_async "1" //Multicore sound rendering (Default "0" Enabled "1")
    cl_forcepreload "1" //Preloads some resources on game start rather then when map loads (Default "0" Enabled "1")
    engine_no_focus_sleep "50" //Reduces resources consumed when dota 2 loses focus (Default "20" Disabled "0" Range "1-2000")
    in_usekeyboardsampletime "0" //Use keyboard sample time smoothing. (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    //Override default CPU/GPU settings
    //cpu_level "2" //Cpu level ( "0" Low "1" Med "2" High)
    //gpu_level "3" //Gpu level ( "0" Low "1" Med "2" High "3" Ultra)
    //mem_level "2" //Ram level ( "0" Low "1" Med "2" High)
    //gpu_mem_level "2" //Vram level ( "0" Low "1" Med "2" High)


    volume "1" //Master volume (Min "0" Max "1.0")
    snd_gamevolume "1" //Game volume (Min "0" Max "1.0")
    snd_musicvolume "0" //Music volume (Min "0" Max "1.0")
    voice_threshold "4000" //Threshold on open mic (Min "0" Max "8000")
    speaker_config "-1" //Audio Speaker channels ("1" Headset "4" 2 Channel "3" 4 Channel "6" 5.1 Channel "7" 7.1 Channel)
    sound_device_override "0" //Specify device for audio output ("RANDOM STRING FOR DEVICE" Other devices will vary)
    snd_pitchquality "2" //Sound quality ("0" Low "1" Med "2" High)
    closecaption "0" //Controls subtitles ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cc_subtitles "0" //Subtitles ("0" Subtitles and effects "1" Subtitles)
    dota_speech_level "1" //Amount of verbal events from heroes ("0" Disables "1" Events "2" On)
    snd_mute_losefocus "1" //Background sound when minimized ("0" On "1" Off)
    dota_mute_cobroadcasters "0" //Mutes co-broadcasters ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    voice_vox "0" //Open mic ("0" Off "1" On)
    voice_enable "1" //Voice chat ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    voice_mixer_boost "0" //Mic boost ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    voice_mixer_volume "1.0" //Voice transmit volume (Min "0" Max "1.0")
    voice_scale "1" //Voice receive volume (Min "0" Max "1.0")

    //Ingame automated events
    cl_dota_speech_spec_ancientattack "1" //your ancient is under attack lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksattack "1" //your rax is under attack lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksfalls "1" //your rax has fallen lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_enemybasefalls "1" //enemy's tower/rax has fallen lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_idles "1" ` //announcers' idle lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_towerattack "1" //your tower is under attack' lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_dota_speech_spec_towerfalls "1" //your tower has fallen' lines ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)


    mat_monitorgamma "2.2" //Brightness (Min "1.6" Max "2.6" Default "2.2" Game claims LCD 1.7 CRT 2.2)
    r_deferred_specular "1" //Specular ("0" Off "1" On)
    r_deferred_specular_bloom "1" //Specular bloom ("0" Off "1" On)
    dota_cheap_water "0" //Quality of water ("0" High "1" Low)
    r_deferred_height_fog "1" //Fog of war ("0" Off "1" On)
    dota_portrait_animate "1" //Hero portrait animations ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    r_deferred_additive_pass "1" //Additive light pass ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    cl_globallight_shadow_mode "2" //Shadows ("0" Low "1" Med "2" High)
    r_deferred_simple_light "1" //World lighting ("0" Off "1" On)
    r_screenspace_aa "1" //Anti-aliasing ("0" Off "1" On)
    r_ssao "1" //Ambient occlusion ("0" Off "1" On)
    mat_picmip "0" //Textures ("2" Low "1" Med "0" High)
    mat_viewportscale "1.0" //Render Quality ("1" 100% "0.6" 0%)
    dota_ambient_creatures "1" //Ambient Creatures ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    //Dota related settings

    dota_player_simplified_controls "0" //Alternate form of unit behaviour (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_unit_multiple_selection "1" //Allows multiple non hero unit selection (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_ability_quick_cast "1" //Self cast spells on double click (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_quick_cast "1" //Quick casting of spells (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_player_multipler_orders "1" //Enables CTRL to issue command to all units including hero (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_player_units_auto_attack "0" //Hero auto attack stance (Default "1" "0" Passive "1" Aggressive)
    dota_force_right_click_attack "0" //Force right clicks to attack anything (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_player_add_summoned_to_selection "0" //Selects summons on spawn (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_reset_camera_on_spawn "0" //Puts camera over hero on any re-spawn (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_swap_mouse_spellcast "0" //Swaps mouse buttons when targeting spells (Default "0" "0" Left click "1" Right Click)
    dota_player_smart_multiunit_cast "1" //Behaviour when casting spells with multiple units of the same type (Default "0" "0" Tabbing "1" Cast next unit)
    dota_remap_alt_key "" //Remap ALT key to another (Default "" "" Disables "ANYKEY" Enabled)
    gameinstructor_enable "0" //In game Tips for new players (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    dota_shop_recommended_open "1" //Recommended items for hero when open shop menu (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_shop_force_hotkeys "1" //Force using shop hotkeys when buying from shops (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_player_auto_purchase_items "0" //Autobuys items from shop (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    hud_sticky_item_name "item_tpscroll" //Default item to be in the stick buy slot (Default "item_tpscroll" Any item string works here)

    //Hero Selector Tweaks
    sf_fulldeck_hide_unavailable "0" //Shows hero’s in pool even if unavailable to be picked (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_keybind_hero "0" //Hotkey when choosing a hero (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    //UI settings
    dota_hud_show_overhead_events "1" //Overhead display of CK/CD/Crits/Othe various overhead information (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_always_show_player_names "0" //Player names displayed overhead (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_screen_shake "0" //Screen shake on certain spell effects (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_damage_flash "0" //Flash when enemies take damage from the player (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_disable_range_finder "0" //Shows spells are within casting range of targeted area/target (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_disable_unit_ring "1" //Unit ring around units (Default "0" "1" Disables "0" Enabled)
    dota_hero_tooltip "1" //Style of the hero tool tip (Default "1" "0" Corner "1" Overhead "2" Inline overhead)
    dota_unit_use_player_color "1" //Player colors (Default "1" "1" Individual colors "0" Team colors)
    dota_unit_fly_bonus_height "0" //Additional height on to be shown on flying units (Default "150" "0" Disables)
    dota_hud_healthbars "3" //HP bars (Default "3" "0" Disables "1" No dividing blocks "3" Normal)
    dota_hud_healthbar_hoveroutline_alpha "200" //Mouse hover outline brightness on healthbars (Default "200" "0" Disables)
    dota_health_per_vertical_marker "250" //Health segmenting in the life bar (Default "250")
    dota_health_marker_major_alpha "255" //Opacity major health bar divider (Default "255" "0" invisible "255" opaque)
    dota_health_marker_minor_alpha "255" //Opacity minor health bar divider (Default "128" "0" invisible "255" opaque)
    dota_health_hurt_threshold "99999" //Damage threshold to be achieved for fade to acutally apply (Default "0.01" "99999" Disables Fade)
    dota_sf_hud_channelbar "1" //Displays the channelling bar on certain spells (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_sf_hud_voicechat "1" //Displays who is talking on hud when they talk (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_sf_hud_error_msg "0" //Displays error msgs on hud EX.spell is on cool down (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_embers "0" //Dashboard background flames ("0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    //Fade settings for hp bars if enabled
    dota_health_hurt_decay_time_max "0" //Fade time on hp bars MAX (Default "0.8" "0" Disables)
    dota_health_hurt_decay_time_min "0" //Fade time on hp bars MIN (Default "0.3" "0" Disables)
    dota_health_hurt_delay "0" //Fade time on hp bars DELAY (Default "0.1" "0" Disables)
    dota_pain_decay "0" //Fade time on hp bars DECAY (Default "0.8" "0" Disables)
    dota_pain_factor "0" //Fade time on hp bars FACTOR (Default "3" "0" Disables)
    dota_pain_fade_rate "0" //Fade time on hp bars RATE (Default "3" "0" Disables)
    dota_pain_multiplier "0" //Fade time on hp bars MULTIPLIER (Default "0.8" "0" Disables)
    dota_hud_healthbar_number "1" //Displays HP number above hero (Default "1" "0" Disables)
    dota_hud_healthbar_number_critical "25" //Percentage of health left before hitpoint number turns red (Default "20 "0-100" Enables)
    dota_hud_healthbar_number_danger "50" //Percentage of health left before hitpoint number turns orange (Default "40 "0-100" Enables)

    dota_minimap_hero_size "600" //Hero icons on mini map (Default 600)
    dota_minimap_misclick_time "0" //Delay before allowing input on minimap (Default "0.02")
    dota_minimap_tower_defend_distance "250" //Distance from tower to initiate ping tower instead of ping map (Default "500")
    dota_minimap_ping_duration "5" //Duration of pings (Default "3")
    dota_minimap_ping_tag_duration "5" //Duration of shield pings on towers (Default "10")
    dota_minimap_hide_background "0" //Background of mini map (Default "0" "1" Black background)
    dota_minimap_simple_colors "0" //Player colors (Default "0" "1" Individual colors "0" Team colors)
    dota_minimap_show_hero_icon "0" //Show hero icons when you hold alt down (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_minimap_always_draw_hero_icons "0" //Always draw hero icons (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_show_hero_finder "0" //Show hero indicator when alt is held down (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_map_ping_multi_key_press "1" //Allows for pings when multiple keys are pressed down (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)

    //Minmap colors (also affects glowing when hovering mouse over unit)
    dota_enemy_color_r "1.0" //Enemy color red (Default "1" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_enemy_color_g "0.0" //Enemy color green (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_enemy_color_b "0.0" //Enemy color blue (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_neutral_color_r "0.0" //Neutral color red (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_neutral_color_g "1.0" //Neutral color green (Default "1" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_neutral_color_b "0.0" //Neutral color blue (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_friendly_color_r "0.0" //Allied color red (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_friendly_color_g "1.0" //Allied color green (Default "1" Min/Max "0-255")
    dota_friendly_color_b "0.0" //Allied color blue (Default "0" Min/Max "0-255")

    //Matchmaking bitmasks
    dota_matchgroups "3" //Regional MMing settings (Default "0" "1" US West "2" US East "4" Europe "8" SE Asia "9" Australia "16" China "32" South America "64" Hong Kong "128" Russia)
    dota_match_game_modes "42" //MMing game modes (Default "0" "2" All pick "4" Captains Mode "8" Random Draft "16" Single Draft "32" All Random "4096" Least Played)
    dota_match_languages "2" //Regional MMing language (Default "0" "2" English "4" Russian "8" Chinese)

    //Camera settings
    dota_camera_accelerate "49" //Decelerating map scroll (Default "49" "49" Instant stop "1" Smooth slowdown)
    dota_camera_disable_zoom "1" //Control mouse scroll for zooming in and out (Default "0" "1" Disables "0" Enabled)
    dota_camera_edgemove "1" //Moves camera when cursor hits edge of screen (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_camera_follow_doublepress_time "0.01" //Time frame to lock onto hero when double tapped (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_camera_reverse "0" //Inverted movements when gripping camera (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_camera_speed "8500" //Camera speed when scrolling (Default "3000")

    //Other camera/spectating values
    dota_camera_disable_yaw "1"
    dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag "0"
    dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_drag "0.075"
    dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_inverse "0"
    dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_max_speed "25"
    dota_camera_drag_speed "1"
    dota_camera_heightmap "1"
    dota_camera_lerp_duration "2"
    dota_camera_listening_offset "0"
    dota_camera_lock "0"
    dota_camera_lock_mouse_lead "220"
    dota_camera_lock_view_helper "1"
    dota_camera_lock_view_helper_ratio "0.45"
    dota_camera_sixense_center_on_hero "0"
    dota_camera_sixense_grab_speed "3"
    dota_camera_sixense_invert_grab "1"
    dota_camera_sixense_invert_pan "0"
    dota_camera_sixense_pan_expo "1.5"
    dota_camera_sixense_pan_speed "4000"
    dota_camera_smart_follow_drag_distance "500"
    dota_camera_smart_follow_edge_distance "500"
    dota_camera_smart_follow_offset_reset "8"
    dota_camera_smart_follow_offset_time "1"
    dota_camera_smooth_count "8"
    dota_camera_smooth_distance "96"
    dota_camera_smooth_enable "1"
    dota_camera_smooth_sample_timer "0.1"
    dota_camera_smooth_time "0.25"
    dota_camera_stage_fov "15"
    dota_camera_stage_pitch "0"
    dota_camera_stage_rotate "0"
    dota_camera_stage_x "25"
    dota_camera_stage_y "-600"
    dota_camera_stage_yaw "90"
    dota_camera_stage_z "225"
    dota_camera_yaw_rotate_hold_time "1"
    dota_camera_yaw_rotate_speed "0.2"
    dota_spectator_auto_spectate_games "0"
    dota_spectator_autospeed "0"
    dota_spectator_autospeed_fast "2"
    dota_spectator_autospeed_fastest "4"
    dota_spectator_autospeed_slowmo "1"
    dota_spectator_autospeed_slowmo_slow "0.4"
    dota_spectator_autospeed_slowmo_slowest "0.2"
    dota_spectator_debug "0"
    dota_spectator_directed_bonusz "75"
    dota_spectator_directed_hero_timer "2"
    dota_spectator_directed_maxdistance "820"
    dota_spectator_directed_mouse_bias "400"
    dota_spectator_directed_mouse_control "0"
    dota_spectator_directed_spline_time "1"
    dota_spectator_fog_of_war "-1"
    dota_spectator_hero_index ""
    dota_spectator_mode "0"
    dota_spectator_shoulder_view "0"
    dota_spectator_shoulder_view_forward "-300"
    dota_spectator_shoulder_view_override_angles_pitch "25"
    dota_spectator_shoulder_view_right "0"
    dota_spectator_shoulder_view_up "75"
    dota_spectator_stats_panel "0"
    dota_spectator_test_spectator_view "0"
    dota_spectator_watching_broadcaster "0"

    dota_keybindings_cloud_disable "0" //Disables the steam cloud for keybinds (Default "0" "1" Disables "0" Enabled)
    dota_quit_after_game "1" //Controls automatically leaving the game at end after a short peroid (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_quit_immediate "1" //Prompt for quitting dota 2 (Default "0" "1" Disables "0" Enabled)
    dota_ignore_nonfriend_invites "0" //Toggles allowing invites from friends/non friends (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_hide_cursor "0" //Hides dota 2 cursor (Default "0" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_log_server_connection "0" //Logging of server connections (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_play_tab_web_panel "0" //Valves AD's when finding match (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_mouse_window_lock "1" //Controls mouse being inside game window (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    dota_mouse_spectator_window_lock "0" //Controls mouse being inside game window when spectating (Default "1" "0" Disables "1" Enabled)
    net_graph "0" //Displays network information + FPS (Default "0" "1-4" Higher level of detail)

    //Display options for net graph
    net_graphheight "64" //Adjust net graph position (Default "64" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphinsetbottom "130" //Adjust net graph position (Default "130" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphinsetleft "0" //Adjust net graph position (Default "0" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphinsetright "0" //Adjust net graph position (Default "0" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphinsettop "0" //Adjust net graph position (Default "0" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphmsecs "400" //Value for the latency graph to represent (Default "400" Any positive value over 50 works)
    net_graphpos "1" //Adjust net graph position (Default "1" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)
    net_graphproportionalfont "1" //Font of the text (Default "1" "1" Larger text "0" Smaller text)
    net_graphshowinterp "1" //Displays interp line graph at bottom (Default "1" "1" Enabled "0" Disabled)
    net_graphshowlatency "1" //Displays latency line graph at bottom (Default "1" "1" Enabled "0" Disabled)
    net_graphsolid "1" //Solid blue portion of interp graph at bottom (Default "1" "1" Enabled "0" Disabled)
    net_graphtext "1" //Controls the text being displayed (Default "1" "1" Enabled "0" Disabled)
    budget_panel_height "768" //Height for budget panel (Default "364" Accepts +- Values to move the graph)

    //Cheat Cvars
    dota_range_display "" //Range indicator around hero showing that specific range (Default "0" "0" Disables)
    //dota_camera_distance "1134" //Cam distance (Default "1134")
    //dota_camera_spectate_distance "1600" //Cam distance when spectating (Default "1600")
    //cl_clock_correction "1" //Related to netcode (Default "1")
    //Random other cvars that im too lazy to check on
    //dota_music_spectator_battle_average "0" //(Default "20")
    //dota_music_spectator_battle_min "0" //(Default "10")
    //dota_hero_selection_announcer_use_rr "0" //(Default "0")
    //dota_magic_stick_enabled "0" //(Default "0")
    //dota_new_user_keybind "0" //(Default "0")
    //dota_powerbar_baseline "0.25" //(Default "0.25")
    //dota_query_inhibit_time "0.5" //(Default "0.5")
    //dota_rare_line_click_count "5" //(Default "5")
    //dota_scoreboard_buyback_border "0" //(Default "0")
    //dota_topbar_buyback_time "10" //(Default "10" Min 0.0 Max 30)
    //dota_full_ui "1" //(Default "0")

    //Custom binds

    unbindall //Removes all previous binds stored in memory

    bind "F1" "toggleconsole" //Toggle console
    bind "F2" "exec autoexec.cfg" //Exec autoexec.cfg manually (Use if the GUI binds are overriding any settings you defined after connecting to a game)
    bind "F4" "dota_pause" //Pause
    bind "F5" "sfx" //In game volume control
    bind "F8" "jpeg;echo ScreenShot" //Screen shot
    bind "F9" "disconnect" //Disconnect from current game
    bind "F12" "quit" //Rage quit
    bind "\" "+showscores" //Scoreboard
    bind "t" "dota_glyph" //Glpyh hotkey
    bind "z" "+voicerecord" //In game Mic
    bind "" "dota_learn_stats" //Choose stats with skill point
    bind "b" "toggleshoppanel" //Open/Close shops
    bind "m" "dota_purchase_stickybuy" //Sticky buy
    bind "n" "dota_purchase_quickbuy" //Quick buy
    bind "`" "dota_select_courier" //Courier
    bind "" "quick_courier" //Grab all items from stash/speedburst/deliver to hero and return
    bind "j" "use_item_client actions action_item" //Item taunt use
    bind "k" "use_item_client current_hero taunt" //Hero taunt use
    bind "ENTER" "say" //Chat
    bind "semicolon" "+cameragrip" //Grips camera
    bind "TAB" "dota_cycle_selected" //Cycle through selected units
    bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect" //Cancel Selection
    bind "g" "dota_select_all_others" //Selects all units except hero
    bind "SPACE" "dota_recent_event" //Moves camera to most recent event
    bind "KP_0" "showbudget" //Toggle of +-Showbudget
    bind "KP_1" "netgraph" //Cycles through net graphs
    bind "KP_2" "dota_ping" //One time ping of current user
    bind "KP_3" "status" //Queries server in console (Hit "F8" if you do not see the information and try again)
    bind "KP_4" "dota_game_account_debug" //Shows various info about the steam account/user
    bind "KP_5" "zoom" //Toggle zoom camera with mwheel
    bind "KP_6" "autosummons" //Toggles auto selecting summons on spawn
    bind "KP_7" "netcode" //Toggles Low/Med/High network quality settings
    bind "KP_8" "configs" //Alternate hero configs allowing custom binds to vary between heroes
    bind "KP_9" "switch" //Toggle script for Q/Q orbing, R/R haunting (Disable GUI binds because they conflict with console binds)
    bind "KP_MULTIPLY" "exec condump.cfg" //Provides console dump of all commands/current settings stored in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota" (condump1-25)
    bind "KP_MINUS" "dev" //Toggle developer mode
    bind "KP_PLUS" "voice" //Toggles in game voice chat on/off
    bind "KP_ENTER" "recording" //Record video to .dem file, records up to five times before overwriting the previous file unless you back it up yourself, stores files in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota"
    bind "KP_DEL" "exec cheats.cfg" //Loads alternate practice game config
    bind "LEFTARROW" "+MOVELEFT" //Move camera left
    bind "RIGHTARROW" "+MOVERIGHT" //Move camera right
    bind "UPARROW" "+FORWARD" //Move camera forward
    bind "DOWNARROW" "+BACK" //Move camera back
    bind "" "range" //Range Indicators (Melee Attack,"Common" Ranged Attack, Tower Range, Smoke Range, Dagger Range "1150" is ideal not to overshoot the blink")
    bind "v" "dota_courier_deliver" //Calls courier to pickup all items in base and deliver them to your hero without speedburst. Does not go to fountain if at secret shop and assumes the items were retrived there.
    bind "" "secret_courier" //Sends courier to secret shop without deselecting hero
    bind "" "+custom_mod" //Custom modifier key allowing a secondary key bank to be bound during press of key (currently binds inv keys to skill keys)
    bind "" "cft" //Console filter text script toggle (not really required unless trying to obtain a specific console output for debugging/other)
    bind "" "+showgraph" //Scoreboard + apm in console
    bind "" "sCast" //Toggles smart cast on or off
    bind "" "+sCast" //Toggles smart cast when held down
    bind "1" "+dota_camera_follow;+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow" //Follow hero with cam, single click
    bind "" "key_listboundkeys" //Lists all key binds in console "Must disable confilter to view them"
    bind "" "tv" //Toggle dota tv chat on/off
    bind "" "holdpos" //Toggle Proper hold position behaviour (Default A,S,C for attack,stop,hold) (Autoattack is Enabled when off and Disabled when on for the inital toggle)
    bind "y" "stash_grab_all" //Grabs items from stash to hero

    //Movement commands
    bind "a" "mc_attack" //Attack clicks leave passive stance
    bind "s" "dota_stop" //Stop leaves aggressive stance
    bind "c" "dota_hold" //Hold leaves passive stance
    bind "x" "mc_move" //Move click

    //Proper hold position behavior
    bind "" "dota_player_units_auto_attack 1;mc_attack" //Auto attack off after attack move
    bind "" "dota_player_units_auto_attack 1;dota_stop" //Auto attack off after stop
    bind "" "dota_player_units_auto_attack 0;dota_hold" //Auto attack on after hold position
    bind "" "+advanced_stop" //Hold position and disable auto attack until released

    //Hero control/unit group binds (Use a dota control group if you wish to select your hero with other units) (-dota_camera_follow prevents that annoying chase cam floaty crap)
    bind "" "+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow"
    bind "2" "+dota_control_group 1"
    bind "" "+dota_control_group 2"
    bind "" "+dota_control_group 3"
    bind "" "+dota_control_group 4"
    bind "" "+dota_control_group 5"
    bind "" "+dota_control_group 6"

    //Inventory keys
    bind "3" "dota_item_execute 0"
    bind "4" "dota_item_execute 1"
    bind "5" "dota_item_execute 2"
    bind "6" "dota_item_execute 3"
    bind "MOUSE5" "dota_item_execute 4"
    bind "MOUSE4" "dota_item_execute 5"

    //Hero skills
    bind "q" "dota_ability_execute 0"
    bind "w" "dota_ability_execute 1"
    bind "e" "dota_ability_execute 2"
    bind "d" "dota_ability_execute 3"
    bind "f" "dota_ability_execute 4"
    bind "r" "dota_ability_execute 5"

    //Binds for quick casting of spells
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 0"
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 1"
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 2"
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 3"
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 4"
    bind "" "dota_ability_quickcast 5"

    //Binds for toggling autocasting of spells
    bind "" "dota_ability_autocast 1"
    bind "" "dota_ability_autocast 2"
    bind "" "dota_ability_autocast 3"
    bind "" "dota_ability_autocast 4"
    bind "" "dota_ability_autocast 5"

    //Missing calls bound to arrowkeys
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 1" //Care
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 2" //Get Back
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 3" //Need Wards
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 4" //Stun
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 5" //Help
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 6" //Push
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 7" //Well Played
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 8" //Missing
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 9" //Missing top
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 10" //Missing mid
    bind "" "chatwheel_say 11" //Missing bottom

    //Mouse binds
    bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
    bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
    bind "MOUSE3" ""
    bind "MWHEELUP" ""
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" ""

    //Smart cast Key Binds (Delete the comments and comment out the normal binds if you wish to use the smart cast behaviour)
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_1" //Ability 1
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_2" //Ability 2
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_3" //Ability 3
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_4" //Ability 4
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_5" //Ability 5
    //bind "" "+sCastAbil_6" //Ultimate
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_1" //Item 1
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_2" //Item 2
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_3" //Item 3
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_4" //Item 4
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_5" //Item 5
    //bind "" "+sCastItem_6" //Item 6

    //Shop hotkeys (Will only purchase items as a whole, must have shop menu closed, must be at SS if providing part from SS fountain will provide other parts)
    bind "" "defaultshopkeys" //Default shop keys
    bind "" "basicshopkeys" //Cycle through buyscripts basic shop
    bind "" "upgradeshopkeys" //Cycle through buyscripts upgradeshop

    //Default shopkeys
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 5;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //TP Scroll
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 2;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Tangos
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 3;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Flask
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 1;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Clarity
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 4;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Smoke
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 6;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Dust
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 8;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Observer Wards
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 9;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Sentry Wards
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 7;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Courier
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 5;shop_select_itemrow 1;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Courier Upgrade
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 3;shop_select_itemrow 11;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Dagger
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 12;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Boots Of Travel
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 3;shop_select_itemrow 9;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Ghost Staff
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 6;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Soul Ring
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 5;shop_select_itemrow 6;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Medallion
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 5;shop_select_itemrow 5;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Urn
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 11;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Midas
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 3;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Magic Wand
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 3;shop_select_itemrow 1;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Magic Stick
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 7;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Phase
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 0;shop_select_itemrow 10;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Bottle
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 4;shop_select_itemrow 8;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Treads
    bind "" "dota_shop_force_hotkeys 1;toggleshoppanel;shop_nav_to_tab 3;shop_select_itemrow 4;toggleshoppanel;dota_shop_force_hotkeys 0" //Boots


    //Advanced hold position
    alias +advanced_stop "dota_player_units_auto_attack 0; dota_hold"
    alias -advanced_stop "dota_player_units_auto_attack 1"

    alias "speedboost" "dota_select_courier;dota_ability_execute 5; +dota_camera_follow ;-dota_camera_follow"

    //Proper Hold position behaviour
    alias "holdpos" "holdpos1"
    alias "holdpos1" "bind a aggressive; bind s passive; bind c passivehold;alias holdpos holdpos2; dota_player_units_auto_attack 0; echo !!!_Hold_POS_Enabled"
    alias "holdpos2" "bind a mc_attack; bind s dota_stop; bind c dota_hold;alias holdpos holdpos1; dota_player_units_auto_attack 1; echo !!!_Hold_POS_Disabled"
    alias aggressive "dota_player_units_auto_attack 0;mc_attack"
    alias passive "dota_player_units_auto_attack 1;dota_stop"
    alias passivehold "dota_player_units_auto_attack 0;dota_hold"

    //Enables cycling through various netgraphs
    alias "netgraph" "netgraph1"
    alias "netgraph1" "net_graph 1; alias netgraph netgraph2"
    alias "netgraph2" "net_graph 2; alias netgraph netgraph3"
    alias "netgraph3" "net_graph 3; alias netgraph netgraph5"
    alias "netgraph5" "net_graph 5; alias netgraph netgraph0"
    alias "netgraph0" "net_graph 0; alias netgraph netgraph1"

    //Courier picks up whole stash and brings it to you with speedup before returning to base
    alias "quick_courier" "dota_select_courier;dota_ability_execute 3; dota_ability_execute 4;dota_ability_execute 5;+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow;"

    //Courier goes to secret shop without selecting
    alias "secret_courier" "dota_select_courier;dota_ability_execute 2;dota_ability_execute 5;+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow"

    //Shows scoreboard and APM in the console
    alias "+showgraph" "+showscores;dota_apm"
    alias "-showgraph" "-showscores"

    //Multiple range indicators
    alias "range" "range1"
    alias "range1" "dota_range_display 128;alias range range2;echo !!!_Melee_range_128"
    alias "range2" "dota_range_display 600;alias range range3;echo !!!_Ranged_Attack_600"
    alias "range3" "dota_range_display 700;alias range range4;echo !!!_Tower_Range_700"
    alias "range4" "dota_range_display 700;alias range range5;echo !!!_Sentry_Range_950"
    alias "range5" "dota_range_display 1050;alias range range6;echo !!!_Smoke_Range_1050"
    alias "range6" "dota_range_display 1150;alias range range0;echo !!!_Dagger_Range_1200"
    alias "range0" "dota_range_display 0;alias range range1;echo !!!_Disabled"

    //Ingame volume settings
    alias "sfx" "sfx1"
    alias "sfx1" "volume 0.00;alias sfx sfx2;echo !!!_Volume_Muted"
    alias "sfx2" "volume 0.25;alias sfx sfx3;echo !!!_Volume_25%"
    alias "sfx3" "volume 0.33;alias sfx sfx4;echo !!!_Volume_33%"
    alias "sfx4" "volume 0.50;alias sfx sfx5;echo !!!_Volume_50%"
    alias "sfx5" "volume 0.66;alias sfx sfx6;echo !!!_Volume_66%"
    alias "sfx6" "volume 0.75;alias sfx sfx7;echo !!!_Volume_75%"
    alias "sfx7" "volume 1.00;alias sfx sfx1;echo !!!_Volume_100%"

    //Toggle console filters
    alias "cft" "cft_clear"
    alias "cft_clear" "exec cft_clear.cfg;alias cft cft_script"
    alias "cft_script" "con_filter_text !!!;alias cft cft_clear"
    alias "cf" "cf0"
    alias "cf0" "con_filter_enable 0;alias cf cf1"
    alias "cf1" "con_filter_enable 1;alias cf cf0"

    //Toggle developer
    alias "dev" "dev1"
    alias "dev1" "developer 0;alias dev dev2"
    alias "dev2" "developer 1;alias dev dev1"

    //Instant shopmenu hotkeys
    alias "defaultshopkeys" "exec autoexec.cfg"
    alias "basicshopkeys" "exec consumables.cfg"
    alias "upgradeshopkeys" "exec common.cfg"

    //Ingame voice toggle
    alias "voice" "voice2"
    alias "voice1" "voice_enable 1;alias voice voice2;echo !!!_Ingame_Voice_Enabled"
    alias "voice2" "voice_enable 0;alias voice voice1;echo !!!_Ingame_Voice_Disabled"

    //Puck orb teleport Q to Q, Spectre ulti R to R
    alias "Switch" "Switch1"
    alias "Switch1" "alias Switch Switch2;bind q puckMode;echo !!!_PuckQQKey_Enabled"
    alias "Switch2" "alias Switch Switch3;bind r spectreMode;bind q normalQ;echo !!!_SpecRRKey_Enabled"
    alias "Switch3" "alias Switch Switch1;bind r normalR;echo !!!_Dota_Keys_Default"
    alias "normalR" "dota_ability_execute 5"
    alias "normalQ" "dota_ability_execute 0"
    alias "spectreMode" "dota_ability_execute 3;dota_ability_execute 5"
    alias "puckMode" "dota_ability_execute 3;dota_ability_execute 0"

    //Record/Stop video 1-5
    alias "recording" "recording1"
    alias "recording1" "record 1;alias recording stoping;echo !!!_Recording_to_1.dem"
    alias "stoping" "stop;alias recording recording2;echo !!!_Recording_Stopped"
    alias "recording2" "record 2;alias recording stoping2;echo !!!_Recording_to_2.dem"
    alias "stoping2" "stop;alias recording recording3;echo !!!_Recording_Stopped"
    alias "recording3" "record 3;alias recording stoping3;echo !!!_Recording_to_3.dem"
    alias "stoping3" "stop;alias recording recording4;echo !!!_Recording_Stopped"
    alias "recording4" "record 4;alias recording stoping4;echo !!!_Recording_to_4.dem"
    alias "stoping4" "stop;alias recording recording5;echo !!!_Recording_Stopped"
    alias "recording5" "record 5;alias recording stoping5;echo !!!_Recording_to_5.dem_LASTFILE_BACKUP_OLDER_.DEM_ FILES"
    alias "stoping5" "stop;alias recording recording1;echo !!!_Recording_Stopped_REMEMBER_TO_BACKUP_OLDER_.DE M_FILES"

    //Toggle network quality
    alias "netcode" "netcodelow"
    alias "netcodelow" "rate 40000;cl_updaterate 15;cl_cmdrate 15;alias netcode netcodehigh;echo !!!_Low_network_quality"
    alias "netcodehigh" "rate 60000;cl_updaterate 30;cl_cmdrate 30;alias netcode netcodelow;echo !!!_High_network_quality"

    //Toggle mwheel zoom
    alias "zoom" "zoom1"
    alias "zoom1" "dota_camera_disable_zoom 0;echo !!!_CameraZoom_Enabled;alias zoom zoom2"
    alias "zoom2" "dota_camera_disable_zoom 1;echo !!!_CameraZoom_Disabled;alias zoom zoom1"

    //Custom modifier key
    alias "+custom_mod" "bind q inventory_1; bind w inventory_2; bind d inventory_5; bind e inventory_3; bind f inventory_6; bind r inventory_4"
    alias "-custom_mod" "bind q ability_1; bind w ability_2; bind d ability_4; bind e ability_3; bind f ability_5; bind r ability_6"
    alias "ability_1" "dota_ability_execute 0"
    alias "ability_2" "dota_ability_execute 1"
    alias "ability_3" "dota_ability_execute 2"
    alias "ability_4" "dota_ability_execute 3"
    alias "ability_5" "dota_ability_execute 4"
    alias "ability_6" "dota_ability_execute 5"
    alias "inventory_1" "dota_item_execute 0"
    alias "inventory_2" "dota_item_execute 1"
    alias "inventory_3" "dota_item_execute 2"
    alias "inventory_4" "dota_item_execute 3"
    alias "inventory_5" "dota_item_execute 4"
    alias "inventory_6" "dota_item_execute 5"

    //Toggle Auto select summons on spawn
    alias "autosummons" "autosummons1"
    alias "autosummons1" "dota_player_add_summoned_to_selection 1;alias autosummons autosummons2;echo !!!_AutoSelectSummons_Enabled"
    alias "autosummons2" "dota_player_add_summoned_to_selection 0;alias autosummons autosummons1;echo !!!_AutoSelectSummons_Disabled"

    //Custom hero configs
    alias "configs" "config1"
    alias "config1" "exec Beastmaster.cfg"

    //Toggle showbudget
    alias "showbudget" "showbudget1"
    alias "showbudget1" "+showbudget;alias showbudget showbudget2"
    alias "showbudget2" "-showbudget;alias showbudget showbudget1"

    //Creates an alias for each Ability to toggle between Smartcasting
    alias "+sCastAbil_1" "dota_ability_execute 0"
    alias "-sCastAbil_1"
    alias "+sCastAbil_2" "dota_ability_execute 1"
    alias "-sCastAbil_2"
    alias "+sCastAbil_3" "dota_ability_execute 2"
    alias "-sCastAbil_3"
    alias "+sCastAbil_4" "dota_ability_execute 3"
    alias "-sCastAbil_4"
    alias "+sCastAbil_5" "dota_ability_execute 4"
    alias "-sCastAbil_5"
    alias "+sCastAbil_6" "dota_ability_execute 5"
    alias "-sCastAbil_6"

    //Creates an alias for each item to toggle between smart casting
    alias "+sCastItem_1" "dota_item_execute 0"
    alias "-sCastItem_1"
    alias "+sCastItem_2" "dota_item_execute 1"
    alias "-sCastItem_2"
    alias "+sCastItem_3" "dota_item_execute 2"
    alias "-sCastItem_3"
    alias "+sCastItem_4" "dota_item_execute 3"
    alias "-sCastItem_4"
    alias "+sCastItem_5" "dota_item_execute 4"
    alias "-sCastItem_5"
    alias "+sCastItem_6" "dota_item_execute 5"
    alias "-sCastItem_6"

    //Toggles the state of every key
    alias "sCast" "sCastOn"
    alias "sCastOn" "alias -sCastAbil_1 click; alias -sCastAbil_2 click; alias -sCastAbil_3 click; alias -sCastAbil_4 click; alias -sCastAbil_5 click; alias -sCastAbil_6 click; alias -sCastAbil_1 click; alias -sCastItem_2 click; alias -sCastItem_3 click; alias -sCastItem_4 click; alias -sCastItem_ 5 click; alias -sCastItem_6 click; alias sCast sCastOff;
    alias "sCastOff" "alias -sCastAbil_1; alias -sCastAbil_2; alias -sCastAbil_3; alias -sCastAbil_4; alias -sCastAbil_5; alias -sCastAbil_6; alias -sCastAbil_1; alias -sCastItem_2; alias -sCastItem_3; alias -sCastItem_4; alias -sCastItem_5; alias -sCastItem_6; alias sCast sCastOn;

    //Toggles the state of every key when held
    alias "+sCast" "sCastOn"
    alias "-sCast" "sCastOff"

    //Left-click simulation
    alias "click" "+sixense_left_click; -sixense_left_click"

    //Toggle dota tv chat
    alias "tv" "tv1"
    alias "tv1" "tv_nochat 1;alias tv tv2;echo !!!_Dota_TV_Chat_Disabled"
    alias "tv2" "tv_nochat 0;alias tv tv1;echo !!!_Dota_TV_Chat_Enabled"

    //Useful launch options

    //-useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd //Disables mouse acceleration (must have useforcedmparms to use spd/accel)
    //-novid //Skips intro
    //-high //High cpu priority if other stuff is running in the background
    //-console //Enables console at launch
    //-hideconsole //Hides console at launch
    //-nominidumps //Supress mini crash dumps
    //-nocrashdialog //Supress crash dialog

    //Find match details by game ID
    //dota_match_details "ID"

    // Other users have contributed some ideas/pieces towards this as well, they know who they are

    //Join chat channels on execute
    chat_join Solace

    echo "!!! SuperOwnageConfig Executed June 19th 2013"

    shits mega old and im sure they remapped some of the commands to different cvars hf.
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    RiP my post in strategy awesome.

    Correct me if I am mistaken but alias njo longer works as it's used to make more than 1 action at once?

    General question I see your comment at the end its for whomever


    If anyone has up-to-date custom hero build files I will be so grateful! (reset windows and forgot to save those /facepalm)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ares_The_Come_Up View Post
    RiP my post in strategy awesome.

    Correct me if I am mistaken but alias njo longer works as it's used to make more than 1 action at once?

    General question I see your comment at the end its for whomever


    If anyone has up-to-date custom hero build files I will be so grateful! (reset windows and forgot to save those /facepalm)
    ive noticed you cant execute configs in general, would not be surprised if they limited how in depth an alias can be but that seems hard to manage. theres a fuck ton of depreciated shit in my post, someone else can figure it all out.
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    Yeah they've really fucked configs up so who knows what's still relevant in this thread. If someone has good updates or some sort of rule of thumb I can go by, I'll update the main post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capgrass View Post
    Yeah they've really fucked configs up so who knows what's still relevant in this thread. If someone has good updates or some sort of rule of thumb I can go by, I'll update the main post.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\core\cfg\user_keys_default.vcfg

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\core\cfg\configdefaults.pc.vcfg"

    I've been eddint those 2 files. No where near as efficiant as before and any key bound to issue more than one command (even rune toggle press + release) no longer works afaik

    I've spent a little time looking into it but what the majority needs has been aded in game. These are for extra tweeks. Autoexec.cfg still works (open console exec autoexec.cfg). Set deveoloper mode on to see the results.

    If you have performance issues on a Nvidia card try DLC "Open GL", add -gl to your launch options. -vulcan is too new for me to asses though I haven't had any issues but get more useless fps (if not streaming) with -gl as will most Nvidia cards.

    Launch Options are down to:
    -gl -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nogammaramp

    Reborn's FPS caps at your monitors refresh rate. For 120+Hz just go to NCP and 1920x1080 144Hz (for example) and proceed with fps_max 0 for the smoothest gameplay (that I have expierenced).
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    Before the update i had alt+key for self cast and space+key for normal cast. Is this possible anymore? Got normal cast working but now I have to space+double tap to self cast and my muscle memory's fucking me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ok! View Post
    Before the update i had alt+key for self cast and space+key for normal cast. Is this possible anymore? Got normal cast working but now I have to space+double tap to self cast and my muscle memory's fucking me.
    If they're seperate keys afaik yes

    With the option to rebind alt to any key (like tile) I am very tempted to go the dota_gamescon_alt_hack route. I'll have to spam international ranked and not sure if I want to commit to this change. Though, it's very tempting.

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    so, does the autoexec file work currently or naw?
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    Did you miss the part where you say "I'm crazy"?

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    Not really, Valve killed a lot of the useful shit you could do with your autoexec. If someone wants to make an updated version of the original post outlining what's currently working I'm happy to edit it.

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    can u bind keys for runespots or did they kill it

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    I think that's built into the settings now so you don't need it in your autoexec

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    ty wad

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