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    didnt u quit that forever
    Quote Originally Posted by divine View Post
    Magics been way too agreeable without the least bit of negotiation. I know he's smart enough to abuse his sub-ness by taking it in the ass when it matters.
    Quote Originally Posted by Timado View Post
    ya, workin out for da gurls never works ask magic, the guy trains everyday like a ucking dog and is 10 years away from gettign some poon
    Quote Originally Posted by iamafuckingretard View Post
    kinkshamers dont know what love is

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    nah nigga this shit is chemical lol
    Top 5 Anime (In Chronological Order)
    🌕 Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)
    😡 Berserk (1997)
    🙏 Kyousougiga (2013)
    😵 Shinsekai Yori (2013)
    😂 Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (2016)

    Contenders for a 5th slot if finished: Jojo, Monogatari, Bungou Stray Dogs, Tokyo Ghoul.

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    Playing most of the day at work today. hit me up on faz

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    I don't play much but my user name is DogBone

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    I use the same name on all sites
    Honestly the level of play for nadota mafia is so low that by day 3 you should flat out lynch anyone who appears competent and hasn't been shot.

    Most Of U have NEver Been Out Of Your City Whereas I Am A Man of the World. Gather Children and I will Regale You With Stories Of the Time tHat Guy Didn't Give Me Bottled Water and the Mean Comments I left on His Social Media As a Result.

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