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    5.7k support LFT

    Current mmr: 5.7k Highest: 5.8k
    my dotabuff:
    I play 4 or 5.
    USE or USW, any time.
    I have some competitive experience in jdl, secs, and open qualifiers. I'm looking for a 6k+ average team.
    add me on steam:

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    Hey, I have a team that's looking for a P5. We're all 5.5k average and we're looking to play in qualifiers and tournaments and practice a lot. Add me if you're interested:

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    Before Reading
    Must be 18+
    Must be concurrently enrolled in college, university or willing to enroll
    Must be 5k+ Party, or Solo MMR

    What We're About
    We're scouting specific, high-requirement players for a DotA team under the WPH logo. If you don't think you're able to meet the requirements below or above, don't be afraid to contact us as we may have the means to help you reach these goals if we find you favorable to the team.

    As stated above, you must be 18 years or old, enrolled or willing to enroll in higher education, and 5k+ minimum MMR. These requirements are put into place, as a filter for the players we're willing to take under the WPH logo.

    You must be 18 or older for one simple reason; We're not looking to deal with any risks involved in working with a developing teenager. Short Version: We don't work with kids.

    You must be in college, or university, or willing enroll for the following reason; Pursuing higher education in your immediate life shows us you're motivated, and worth our time. Short Version: We don't work with lazy people.

    Your MMR must be 5k+ or higher, for the following reason; We would sooner take a 5k+ MMR in college, that's 18 years or older over a 7k+ MMR that has none of these qualities. Why? A stable, motivated 5k+ player can easily be coached to higher MMR, and already has the respect, maturity, and personality we're willing to work with. (Yes, we will be providing quality analysts, and coaches for the team.) Short Version: We don't need hot-shots.

    Overall we encourage positive behavior, and growth. As a member of the WPH team, we have a zero tolerance for negative behavior in any light. We understand lots of things happen, and won't hold minor infractions here and there against you. Regardless of how skilled you may be, you may be relieved upon repeated infractions of the following; Flame, or bringing any negativity to those around you, regardless of any situation, in real life, or online. Not doing your utmost best to get along with your team and others you work with.
    Short Version: Just be cool. We don't have time for negative people.

    Benefits of holding the WPH logo on our team can include, but is not limited to: Payrolls, sponsorships, scholarships, as well as a separate budget to make sure you have everything you need to perform on the team so you don't have to spend anything from your other funds.

    Be sure to take initiative add and message all of us on our steam profiles. We may not see a reply as readily as seeing your invite on steam and directly messaging you. Any, and all questions can be answered directly by us, or on here when we see them.

    Jeremy Steele (HoO) Steam Account:
    KC Stenerson (Manager) Steam Account:
    Roy Azoulay (Manager) Steam Account:

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