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    Quote Originally Posted by grimelines View Post
    wasn't he just a coke fiend that died from a heart attack?
    Quote Originally Posted by canada's nightmare View Post
    ?? The US healthcare system is the best in the world.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dendi View Post
    you can 3d print ARs. Are you going to ban 3d printers as well?

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    Then Trump made a mistake. After singling out Meadows and asking him to stand up in front of his colleagues, Trump joked that he might "come after" the Freedom Caucus boss if he didn't vote yes, and then added, with a more serious tone: "I think Mark Meadows will get on board."

    It was a crucial misreading of Meadows, who has been determined to please both the White House and his conservatives colleagues on the Hill. Upon assuming the chairmanship of the Freedom Caucus earlier this year, Meadows was viewed suspiciously by some of his members who worried that the North Carolina congressman is too cozy with Trump and would hesitate to defy him. Meadows campaigned extensively with Trump last fall and struck up a relationship with White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who communicates with him almost daily by text. Meadows knew the heath care fight would be viewed as a test of his independence from Trump, and the moment the president called him out, he was boxed in.

    "That was the biggest mistake the president could have made," one Freedom Caucus member told me. "Mark desperately wanted to get to yes, and Trump made it impossible for him. If he flipped after that he would look incredibly weak."
    Quote Originally Posted by Dendi View Post
    The women signs a contract when she creates the baby.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dendi View Post
    William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' has a lower rating than the aotd.

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    yeah that was my feeling going into this shit

    as soon as trump started threatening them, it was going to backfire

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    glad that law didnt pass

    seemed like retard fodder
    Quote Originally Posted by yung_nigga_sigma View Post
    No, I moved states in both cases when I found out they were pregnant. I don't have a Facebook and never tell people my last name so it's hard to track me down

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironstove. View Post
    I'm already banned from the black lives matter subreddit.

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    They're gonna get it done and it's gonna be the best. Believe them.
    Quote Originally Posted by KZZ View Post
    DAE consider themselves a closet anime watcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by yung_nigga_sigma View Post
    that fucking black chick I fucked gave me chlamydia what the fuck. Thank god I got an std test literally the day after I fucked her so I caught it very early. I mean I also got it because I'm an ex IV drug user but whatever. Moral of the lesson: don't fuck ******s in rehabs but tbh getting to bust in a ****** raw twice was kind of worth the shot in the arm and two pills I had to take to get rid of the nasty disease she carried.

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    What in God's green dick
    Quote Originally Posted by nihil. View Post
    doing my eyebrows? lol? what difference will that make once i am finally at peace in the cool earth

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    Steve Bannon 1, Paul Ryan 0

    This basically guarantees Trump's second term now that only highly popular items are on the agenda.

    Quote Originally Posted by KZZ View Post
    the president is decided by the voters.
    Quote Originally Posted by KZZ View Post
    i have taste and am not mentally ill
    Quote Originally Posted by KZZ View Post
    KZZ said these things and thinks he can talk back to people

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