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Thread: Anarchy Mafia

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    I think best new player award goes to nabokov, he played a clean game as town and employed some good strats.
    Honestly the level of play for nadota mafia is so low that by day 3 you should flat out lynch anyone who appears competent and hasn't been shot.

    Most Of U have NEver Been Out Of Your City Whereas I Am A Man of the World. Gather Children and I will Regale You With Stories Of the Time tHat Guy Didn't Give Me Bottled Water and the Mean Comments I left on His Social Media As a Result.

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    that was so next level
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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    Yep that was sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by divine View Post
    Rest assured knowing that I tried to doc myself
    you always ask, huh?
    Quote Originally Posted by thetoo View Post
    ccnc doesnt talk back to me. guess thats what happen when ur alpha

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