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    Old School WC Dota player LF Competitive team for Dota2

    Hey guys my name is Razelock, I've been playing dota since it was released as a map on WC, I have over 7000 wins and have a lot of experience in other RTS based games. I recently started playing Dota 2 about 3 weeks ago I have a pretty high win rate and am looking for a team to learn from and grow with as well as compete with. I'm a very down to earth relaxed kind of guy, love to joke around and have fun but take practice and ranked seriously. Current best positions are 1, 2 & 3, I'm not bad at pos 4 but it's not exactly my play style. Anyways if you would like to find out more about me and or how i play just add me on steam and i'll be sure to reply asap, I'm a very active player looking for an active team that will be looking to participate in tournaments. My steam id is

    For anyone who has tried to add me sorry i had put in the wrong steam ID i had to actually update it so if you were looking to message me search the steam community again this time i will actually show up.
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