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    The Meme Regime Looking for Mid 6.3k+


    I'm the captain of The Meme Regime. Our mid player has been applying to grad schools and won't be able to play with us anymore. We're looking for a quality mid player interested in committing to a team environment. We want to practice, compete, and improve as a team and as individuals.

    We've had ups and downs, including making playoffs for JDL division 1, top 8 in the manila open qualifiers, and winning AD2L season 12. We've got 3 East coast players and one West coaster.

    We're all making serious commitments to this team. We expect to play nearly every night and in every RivalCade tournament and tier 8 Battle Cup. If you're a mid player looking for a team to make a name for yourself, or if you're a player looking for a crew that can help you improve and reach the next level we're the team for you.

    PM, reply, or add on steam for more information.


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    Ive heard wtfdota is looking for something

    Pm wtfdota

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