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    this is going to be an epic game. mark my words.

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    grants no fun to play with cuz ppl always n1 lynch him
    Quote Originally Posted by divine View Post
    Magics been way too agreeable without the least bit of negotiation. I know he's smart enough to abuse his sub-ness by taking it in the ass when it matters.
    Quote Originally Posted by Timado View Post
    ya, workin out for da gurls never works ask magic, the guy trains everyday like a ucking dog and is 10 years away from gettign some poon
    Quote Originally Posted by iamafuckingretard View Post
    kinkshamers dont know what love is

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmagininja View Post
    grants no fun to play with cuz ppl always n1 lynch him
    last time he played and only time I've ever seen him play him and yns just aped out at each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by flopagis View Post
    im excited
    Quote Originally Posted by Casandra View Post
    before u respond to that, please paraphrase the thought process that went through your head before posting that and then try to say it out loud without feeling like a fucking retard

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    alright we have 14 so far, still taking more

    1. ewiz
    2. lbj / lucky artist
    3. pepper
    4. slithereen
    5. kyle / theodore
    6. ironstove
    7. jajaja
    8. krazykat
    9. magicmagininja
    10. friend
    11. flopagis
    12. amercchi
    13. cactus
    14. dendi


    ill post some setup ideas later 2day

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    Just pick one yourself and send out roles, don't make people pick
    Quote Originally Posted by KZZ View Post
    DAE consider themselves a closet anime watcher

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    yea youre right

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    yea lay down the law iaafr youre my goddess

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    Start the game

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