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    helpful mormons tunes thread

    heres a thread where u can aggregate ur tunes. i'l post some that i write. all done on acoustic guitar

    wtb vocalist and non shitty microphone

    self written:

    also send me any suggestions u want to hear

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    do u think u can play this one?
    Quote Originally Posted by Audrey Belrose View Post
    onyx is winning quals, quote me on this one fam bois!!!!

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    Je Suis Kaptenrobert
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    Take me to tomorrow by dave Matthews band is one I want to learn to sing and play

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    i kind of fucked it up cause i just learned it

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    im voaclist, i do rap though.

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    just bought myself a new electric guitar. sorry for the shitty microphone i'm at my parent's place (had it shipped there because i don't trust the niggers that live near me) on a laptop with a shitty mic so that's why it doesn't sound perfect. I need a way to directly connect it to my PC for better audio quality recordings

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