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    Competitive team LF 1/3 position player

    Hi, i'm Ani captain of VLV and we're currently looking for pos 1/3 players

    Our most recent results include 3rd place at Lan ETS with a last minute standin, 2nd place Nzxt qualifiers, 2nd place razer arena tourney. We've taken games off 7k~ avg teams and peruteams along the likes of NoT, Dilecom.

    We practice 4-5 times per week starting 5:30PM EST and are playing ALL qualifiers, regardless of results our main goal is to improve as a team. 2 players weren't as commited so here we are.

    Ideally we're looking for 6.5k+ cores but if you have comp. experience and your mmr is close we'll consider you.

    The roster is currently composed of

    1. You(?)
    2. RomJk3(7.2k peak)
    3 Maybe you(?)
    4. Save (5.8 peak)
    5. Ani( 5.4 Peak)

    If you'd like a tryout or scrim partner feel free to message me


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    Good luck bud
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