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    Looking for Final player, Pos1 for New Pro Dota 2 Team

    Team Raaz has been recruiting all year and we've managed to find four amazing players. We're looking for the last spot.

    If you’re a high performing individual, and wanted a different approach to DOTA, come join us! We take our training into a whole new level. We will be using a unique strategy in building team dynamics. Let us bring out the best in you!

    Skills & Qualifications required:
    Dota 2 MMR of 6200 or higher
    Few years of scrim experience
    Ability to move to Brisbane and live with the team for at least 6 months
    Able to speak english
    Want to become a professional Dota 2 player!!!

    The Benefits:
    Salary and a percentage of winnings
    All boarding expenses will be taken care of while living with the team
    Travel expenses to and from Brisbane
    Playing Dota 2 for a job!

    How do I Apply?

    More Info:

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    invite me im better tahn all of u combined

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    ah the house chores team. its nice that you make a new thread over and over again but cant manage to put a single player's name in your post one time

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    hey if you guys are looking for a coach i know this awesome guy named numeta! super knowledgeable!
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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