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    selling all meme arrows. upboats to the left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmanation View Post
    I dont like the way reddit is navigated. Also it wont send me an email to confirm my acct.
    Bet you use one of those 10 (canadian) cents subscription​ emails

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Artist View Post
    See you can't get this kinda banter this consistently on Reddit
    i was responding to khaliwear but i guess there's no reason that sentiment cant apply to you as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Audrey Belrose View Post
    onyx is winning quals, quote me on this one fam bois!!!!

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    Whether it applies to me or not doesn't matter tbh
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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    you haven't escaped the matrix yet...but you're close,'re close..

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