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    Raaz Looking for Offlaner for New Pro Dota 2 Team in EU region initially

    Team Raaz has been recruiting all year and we've managed to find four amazing players. We're looking for the last spot.

    If you’re a high performing individual, and wanted a different approach to DOTA 2 and dream of becoming a tier 1 player while willing to give this dream your all, come join us! We’re looking for someone to commit to full-time training right now in the EU region and be able to travel to Brisbane in 2018. Let us bring out the best in you!

    Skills & Qualifications required:
    Dota 2 MMR of 6000 or higher
    Dedication and commitment
    Open-mindedness and ability to accept/provide criticism and feedback
    Few years of scrim experience
    Ability to move to Brisbane and live with the team for at least 6 months
    Able to speak english
    Drive to become a professional Dota 2 player!!!

    The Benefits:
    Guaranteed monthly salary alongside winnings
    Coaching by the best to help reach our goal
    An experienced manager
    All boarding expenses will be taken care of while living with the team
    Travel expenses to and from Brisbane
    A unique opportunity to bootcamp, train and live with like-minded people
    Providing all resources required to ensure you can become a professional Dota 2 player

    How do I Apply?

    More Info:

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    You swerve, narrowly avoiding... Team Raaz

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