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    what makes an offense more severe than another?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycan View Post
    no i literally told him after he got hammered and he posted the scum along with his self-flip, you're just lying as usual because you are a fake person.

    you are showing how stupid you are here by saying that there are more "extreme" rules than others, any offense is game ruining and has no defense. if you want to measure how much it affects the game you can go read the game yourself and see how little that post he made had any impact, you have intentionally ruined multiple games both as player and host and i would consider that a lot more "extreme"
    kyle you are a slug
    Why is Lycan held accountable for his friend posting the scum list? I believe it was one of their first games where Jones gave them the scum list without asking for it, they got excited, gg wp. Lycan had one bad game whereas kyle and electrowizard have ruined countless games after playing countless games, you should know better. Breaking so many rules as you have done kyle after playing so many games is just unacceptable. Posting your role just last game was unacceptable.

    Besides his one early game Lycan has been one of the more mature players. It's funny because kyle thought Lycan was a very good host and player until he found out he was Brendan.

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    This much precum is sure to have ruined my underwear
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    It's really fucking sad that Jones brought these retards here

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