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    Quote Originally Posted by dpc_lord View Post
    Doesn't kotling hooking or swapping ppl to cliff give them free movement for like 3 sec
    I believe it does for enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrowizard View Post
    I believe it does for enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alightsoul View Post
    Good idea, but it doesn't go far enough.

    You present the problem that teammates are mentally prepared for a loss, but your proposed solution does nothing to solve this. From the first few minutes of the game, they should realize you are not going to play and they will likely give up.

    You also miss the entire hidden pool issue: Valve can easily detect and flag behavior like this.

    The trick is to make your gamethrow undetectable to both the scheming dataminers at Valve and the puffy, astygmatic eyes of your idiot teammates.

    Play the entire game out to the best of your ability. Allow everyone to believe that you are not upset; you are over it (whatever it was). You intend to win the game.

    Then, in a crucial moment: A fatal error. Perhaps you didn't press BKB. Perhaps you farmed a wave and died at 60 minutes, bought back and farmed the same wave, then died again. Maybe you just stood still when your braindead slug of a carry player got jumped, then paused the game after he died and typed "sry pizzas here" in allchat.

    Either way, the hopes and dreams of your teammates have been crushed. They will not move on and recover emotionally from this loss because they do not realize you intentionally threw. For weeks, they will wonder what they could have done better in that one Dota game. It will keep them up at night. Why did they lose that one?

    But you know.
    whats the difference between this and watching a typical ee game
    Quote Originally Posted by Alightsoul View Post
    How high do you think the burden of proof is to prove Valve lost me wages?

    Thing is I used to be a pretty good player (3.5k peak when I was working full time and not really trying that hard) but without the forced losses from hidden pool I probably would have been at +2000 MMR. That's about 5500 - bigger MMR than most pro players calibrating at the time.

    EG pays a salary, right? So if I could have been an EG player that's demonstrable lost wages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mAet View Post
    Worst I've ever felt from griefers are when they pwn all game and when you think the game is in the bag they break all their items (happened to me probably 10 times so far)

    Had a 5 slotted huskar on my team who was like 13-2-7 and we were roshing to go hg and I picked up the aegis and he said 'you need aegis? Pa think he need aegis XD' and broke his items and ran down mid
    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster.
    Regarding this statement, i belive the Huskar did the right thing, i've thrown less for that.

    Im EURO SLAV btw.

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