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    Forum Awards 2017 nominations thread

    Use this thread to nominate the participants you'd like to see in each category

    Here's the results thread of last year:

    the categories are the same as last year. you don't need to nominate someone/something in each category if you don't want to

    The nominations period will end saturday the 16th and voting will begin shortly after

    have fun

    Forum Related Awards

    Best Poster
    Best New Poster
    Worst Poster
    Worst New Poster
    Most Patriotic
    Most Missed Poster
    Best Thread
    Worst Mod
    Best Signature
    Best Avatar
    Most Helpful Poster
    Best Euro
    Most Improved Poster
    Poster Who Has Fallen Off

    Dota Related awards

    Best Captain
    Best Caster
    Best Support
    Best Mid
    Best Carry
    Best Offlaner
    Best Team
    Best Ricer
    Best Up and Coming Player
    Best Play
    Best Drama

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    Please expand the category for worst mod to include several sub-categories (in order to cover all the bases) and delete the Dota-related awards category (potential Mafia-related awards in its place?)
    We must be careful what we pretend to be.
    -Mark Twain

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    I love Love LOVE NADOTA!!
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    I'd like to nominate for poster who fell off
    Quote Originally Posted by yung_nigga_sigma View Post
    that fucking black chick I fucked gave me chlamydia what the fuck. Thank god I got an std test literally the day after I fucked her so I caught it very early. I mean I also got it because I'm an ex IV drug user but whatever. Moral of the lesson: don't fuck ******s in rehabs but tbh getting to bust in a ****** raw twice was kind of worth the shot in the arm and two pills I had to take to get rid of the nasty disease she carried.

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    Most missed: Dendi

    Best thread: Las Vegas shooting

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    Forum Related Awards

    Best Poster - nihil
    Worst New Poster - J I guess? Do we have new posters?
    Worst Poster - nma
    Most Patriotic - agile_mind
    Most Missed Poster - kzz
    Most Helpful Poster - Sudo
    Most Improved Poster - yns dual account
    Poster Who Has Fallen Off - AiRHoGS

    Dota Related awards

    Best Mid - timado
    Best Up and Coming Player - sammyboy
    Best drama -

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    Jul 2015
    Best Poster Jubei account circa 2014
    Best New Poster WishIWasAnOscarMeyerMemer
    Most Missed Poster Brandon
    Worst Mod bees
    Best Avatar DonAman
    Best Euro bayo
    Poster Who Has Fallen Off Brood_Star
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    Most Missed Poster - Haxity, KZZ, Jones
    Best Thread - MS Paint Thread
    Best Up and Coming Player - Timado, Abed

    Best Play - Sumail getting blademail and activating it just as sniper ultied on him.
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    Most missed haxity, Paine
    Fallen off: kyle

    Id also like to nominate worst play for 90% of EGs roshan fights
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gook_slayer_420 View Post
    you're not a top poster

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    I nominate myself for all categories and double nominate myself for most patriotic

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    Thanks for the noms
    Dendi Mafia Power Rankings Top 10 All-Time

    Quote Originally Posted by bees View Post

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    Who else besides me is a Euro?
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    You are absolutely lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetoo View Post
    ccnc doesnt talk back to me. guess thats what happen when ur alpha

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    I nominate sdadasdas for best Euro!
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    You are absolutely lost.

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    Best Up and coming Player: abed
    Quote Originally Posted by Numeta View Post
    You are absolutely lost.

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    most sold-out: GrandGrant smh

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    I think you meant to say kitrak

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    collapsing the matrix
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    let's just take a walk then
    Forum Related Awards

    Best Poster: Lycan
    Best New Poster: Lycan
    Worst Poster: Haxity
    Worst New Poster: Brendan
    Most Patriotic: jones
    Most Missed Poster: Kaptenrobert
    Best Thread: Two Prophets
    Worst Mod: bees
    Best Signature: jacob
    Best Avatar: midman01
    Most Helpful Poster: electrowizard
    Best Euro: Lycan
    Most Improved Poster: jacob
    Poster Who Has Fallen Off: divine

    Dota Related awards

    Best Captain: ppd
    Best Caster: LuminousInverse
    Best Support: ppd
    Best Mid: CCnC
    Best Carry: EternalEnvy
    Best Offlaner: zai
    Best Team: Optic gaming
    Best Ricer: EternalEnvy
    Best Up and Coming Player: Beesa
    Best Play: Ti7 Mass Gold Grubble game 2 by team execration
    Best Drama: None
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    Steam ID
    Best Poster - Numeta
    Worst Poster - magic
    Most Patriotic - infinite regen (served in armed forces)
    Most Missed Poster - kzz
    Worst Mod - slithereen
    Best Euro - does egypt count as europe
    Most Improved Poster - pepper
    Poster Who Has Fallen Off - yns (both personalities)
    Quote Originally Posted by Alightsoul View Post
    Ewiz is observably very stupid (chronic drinker and poor emotional control - both strong indicators of low IQ)
    Quote Originally Posted by Meesing View Post
    Does Liquid win TI7 under Hillary Clinton? Unlikely.

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