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Thread: Fortnite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
    i dont like it, too much of the skill in the game is building-oriented

    if there was a no-build mode, or like, 5x building cost mode, i'd play this game a lot more

    cause right now to me it feels like you can cheese too much with building, ive owned people or survived encounters i absolutely shouldnt have because of building, and vice versa
    The above poster is an absolute Retard
    Quote Originally Posted by Alightsoul View Post
    Ewiz is observably very stupid (chronic drinker and poor emotional control - both strong indicators of low IQ)
    Quote Originally Posted by Meesing View Post
    Does Liquid win TI7 under Hillary Clinton? Unlikely.

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    bees your sig is almost as garbage as your takes
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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    Alightsoul made it so it's not garbage
    remember benghazi

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    Quote Originally Posted by bees View Post
    Alightsoul made it so it's not garbage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Artist View Post
    bees your sig is almost as garbage as your takes
    Non mobile browsing dweeb spotted

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    played a whole bunch of duo games... not the best game, Just glorified shooter (like pubg, this is not a "Survival" game in any way) with a building gimmick that isn't really that Interesting if you've played minecraft Pvp before which all my teamspeak friends and I have done a lot.

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    I was reading an Overwatch pro's wiki page and under "Past Experience" it said professional Minecraft PvP player and I found that pretty funny

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