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    Looking for players


    Damage Inc is a large, multi-gaming clan that has been in operation for 5 years. We offer a stable 512 slot TeamSpeak server, custom forums with thousands of monthly posts, and a 0 toxicity policy.

    We can offer you the opportunity to play with other gamers and make new friends, explore that inner desire to be on a competitive team, or even create and lead your own competitive team! Our platform can land you into the e-sports scene, sponsorship, advertisement, and many other benefits!


    * Dozens of competitive (and casual) practices and events each week.
    * Extensive forums and a budding guide project.
    * A sponsored Twitch with priority airtime for our "elites" of 5k+ MMR.
    * Large community with a ton of fun casual events and players of other games if you ever want a break from DOTA to chill with some cool people.

    What we look for:

    * 15+ and be mature
    * Be available to play 1-3 times weekly with your casual or competitive team
    * Be friendly and engaging with the community
    * Have a mic and TeamSpeak
    * No multi-clanning

    If you are interested in joining, let me know in this thread or message me.

    If you want to see our recruitment page, here it is! ->
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