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    [SIGNUPS] Presenting Mafia Revival: Tomb of Raethin's Soul Mafia

    The Tomb of Raethin's Soul Mafia

    The Backstory...

    Long ago there were three sages living in the Kajel Mountains: Elgon, Raethin and Setherrick. The three beings lived in harmony and all was well. Below them, lay the town of Tahums which was host to a large population of organisms called the Ilk. The sages and the Ilk coerced and lived together peacefully. Despite their power of great magnitude, the sage instead chose to use their mana abilities for a greater good: restoring the realm to it's former glory after the meteor had hit approximately 150 aeons ago. This tranquility however, did not last. Eventually feuds began to break out amidst the sages. Raethin, seeking a greater power, attempted to corrupt his sage brothers. "Bestow upon me thou powers and we shall rain upon Tahums with the thunder of a thousand millenium!". This scared the other two sages who's willpower was not that strong, as, sages are a peaceful entity. To the grave misfortune of the townsfolk beneath them, Raethin had been corrupted by ores from the great meteor which had fallen. For the first time in Juihiks lifetime, a sage had garnered malicious intent...

    Elgon grew scared of the power that was growing within Raethin. Late one night, as the other two sages were deep into a slumber, Elgon bore a dark cloak and descended down the Kajel Mountains. The risk of being caught was great but he had no choice - he had to warn the townspeople before Raethin casts a evermore thunderstorm over the town. Elgon finally overcame the treacherous pathway and met with the town - the first time in over ten aeons. "WHO GOES THERE" bellowed the Tahum by the name of Vork. A local welder, Vork was unknown to most of the townspeople, yet what he had was a great talent for making trades of the craft. Elgon opened his wispy mouth "I carry word from the Kajel Mountains. Our sage brother Raethin is seething with a dark energy and wishes to bestow evil upon thine town. Thou has less than a fortnight alas less to prepare. But thou must know, the fight cannot take place in the town for his swan song would be to bestow thine own cursed blood on the cobbles upon which thou walk every day, thine which your children take their first steps or that of which your fosters guzzle and gargle in the local tavern. I hope to Sajek that you heed my warning for there is nothing we can do. You must come up the mountain - come - and face Raethin...".

    Once Elgon had descended back up the mountain, Vork thought on what he must do. If he told the other townsfolk they would all try and take on the sage at once, and all be defeated. Yet Vork was the only one who knew how to craft the Ethereal blade. A glowing green lumbersword that has the power to dispel sages... So Vork crafted. He built and built and chipped and chipped. He smelted and smelted and dipped and dipped his iron clad gloves for had he known the final fight lay not below but up above the mountain high the place where Raethin must lay to die. The fortnight had almost passed and Vork, exhausted, raised his weapon. Finished, it seemed to glow up to the high heavens. "Uthexa bless me..." he muttered, "for what I must do". At the dead of night, not even the moon cast any light towards the earth. Vork crept downstairs and kissed his Fosters goodnight. "Thou may never see you again after this..." he said. A single tear crept down his cheek like a drop of mana. He wiped it away. "Uthexa help me... I may never return...". He thought to himself - is it worth it? Possibly, Elgon had been lying about the sage. A mages attempt to swerve him away from his family and making his family keepsake - the Orchard Medallion. He pondered this, and many other things for a short amount of time. He was snapped awake by the sound of twigs outside. No... he had to climb the mountain... tonight.

    And so he climbed, step by step, tear by tear, drop by drop, he ascended and ascended and ascended. He climbed and climbed until his feet ached hot and his hands swole cold. So close he thought... yet... he was still far. He climbed to the top of the peak and saw Raethin. With one cast of his blade, he cut him in half, left bleeding in the cold. The other sages commended him and cheered. Raethin had been defeated. But what lay now.....? They cast Raethin's body into a cold dark tomb. They spent 300 aeons banishing Raethin's corpse to a tomb. This was some time ago. Sadly, the sages have reached nirvana and ascended into a different astral plane than the one that the Talhum inhabit. But now, twenty lone townsfolk which to venture up to the tomb, to recover the corpse and hang his head upon a tidy pastry. What they don't know, is that four of the townsfolk have been possessed by the spirit of Raethin who wants REVENGE!

    The Rules

    - Four of the townsfolk are possessed by Raethin and will assume the traditional role of Mafia. This role is gravely changed in this gamemode.

    - The other sixteen townfolk will each have a special ability that only they will know about. I will go into more detail on this on the game thread.

    - The tomb is full of traps and puzzles. Every page, I will post a trap or puzzle that all players must work to complete. If you fail a trap then the group must traverse back up the mountain (this will be done via a simple puzzle). Players cannot accuse each other of being Raethin or use any of their abilities until they solve the puzzle. The puzzle will involve complex code deciphering, logical thinking, and cavelike diagrams that I have drafted up in photoshop that you must figure out. These will requires hours of thinking to advance to the next page!

    - Instead of saying LYNCH SPITWAD, you instead would say SPITWAD IS THEE RAETHIN.

    - Days last 35 hours in reference to the number of aeons since the sages have passed.

    - Every day, three players will be assigned to a bandit group (both Raethin and Townsfolk alike). It is the goal of this group to grubble as much gold from the players as possible. If the bandits manage to grubble 35 gold coins or more from the townsfolk, they will be rewarded with a cryptic clue on one of the Raethin members. This may not be to a possessed townsfolks interest which means people in your bandit group may intentionally try and not grubble as much coins. Look out for these.

    - Every player will be able to set off a balloon once a day which will mark to the rest of the survivors which "direction" to go. This directs all discussion on a certain player or topic for the remaining page. This is helpful if a bandit group needs people to focus on grubbling or solving a puzzle.

    - Every three days a Blood Moon will arise where one dead player will come back arisen but not be known. I will PM the player and let them know that they are alive again. They are only alive and able to post for one day after which they will return to whence they came.

    - Raethin have no special abilities but may attempt to disparage the townsfolk attempts at solving puzzles and maneuvering traps.

    - The lore will be important when it comes to solving some of the puzzles that lie within the Tomb.

    - All players will be assigned a name and it is part of the roleplay to refer to the different players as their roleplay name.

    - Different jobs will have to be sorted and given by each other, to different players at the start of the game. These jobs involve some amount of roleplaying and will help in identifying
    whom is posessed. Each job will involve solving different sorts of puzzles that I will PM you where you will then send me back the answer and I will store everyones results in a database.
    Certain trinkets found later on may reveal people's private answers possibly offering a hint into whom is possessed by Raethin.

    - There are three different potions in the game.


    This potion means the person who used is is not allowed to be mentioned for the next two pages of the game Useful if townsfolk are getting suspicious of mafia or if a townsperson wishes to throw off grubblers or Treasure Trovers (an occupation).

    Code Speak:

    If this potion is used, for the next three pages all players must speak using a roman cipher codespeech. It is up to you to decipher what people are saying.

    Thirst for Blood:

    Two random townsfolk will pit off at each other in a private chatango chat. Nobody will know who cast the potion but they choose the two townsfolk that will have to debate. It is up to
    both players to read the chatlogs again and again to find out the hidden meaning beneat what each player is saying.

    - There may be factions in the game but I have not decided this yet.

    - If you accuse the wrong person of being Raethin then there is a 50 % chance that one of the other sages will possess you, causing you to act suspicious but not malicious.

    - Perfect grammar is essential when playing the game.

    The Playerlist




















    “A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”

    “Her antiquity in preceding and surviving succeeding tellurian generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising and setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced invariability of her aspect"

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    I'm not signing any games until change is made.

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    The current mods have literally nothing to do with why mafia is dead. Idk how you and alightsoul can force yourself to think otherwise

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    I never said it was solely about mafia. Maybe I should sign? Guess it doesn't make much sense to punish players when other people derive no joy from reading this thread

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    LBJ is a worse mafia mod than kyle

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    I mean there's no way we get 20 players and the setup is ridiculous so whatever, but a change in moderation will not revive this site

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    No wonder you love this site. It's a loser like you

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    No, I just think it's absurd to think that there's some niche this site can fill. Others have written at length about the inevitable death of this site, and of traditional forums in general. Moderation may have hastened that decline, but it would've happened regardless. No change of leadership can change that. We just have to face the fact that imageboards and Reddit have made traditional forums an anachronism

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    Your final statement is dumb as fuck

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    I typed up a response but I realized it's really not worth it to post something you're going to misconstrue further and apply your own vapid thoughts to. You're definitely not worth appealing to lmao

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    And what, exactly, did I misconstrue here? How, exactly, are my thoughts vapid? Aside from the major mafia sites, point me to some examples of forums that aren't dying due to a major move to Reddit? I can think of one off the top of my head, which is the Paradox Games forum, but that's because the devs post there

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    Quote Originally Posted by yns View Post
    The current mods have literally nothing to do with why mafia is dead. Idk how you and alightsoul can force yourself to think otherwise
    Hey, leave my name out of this

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    every time i consecutively do acid it lifts me farther out of this gigantic trash heap that happened to be a symptom for being in a trash heap part of my life

    feels good even if delusional

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    acid, btw, lmao

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    closing this to host a real game

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamafuckingretard View Post
    acid, btw, lmao
    Quote Originally Posted by Haxity View Post
    i dont really know me either, does anyone ever truly know themselves?

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