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Thread: Mafia Rules

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    Mafia Rules

    Universal Mafia Rules:
    1. If you are not in the game, do not post in the thread.

    2. Roles will be decided after sign-ups. If you get a role you don't like, too bad. Roles are generated using random.

    3. If you want to play, you must be active. This means a commitment of reading/replying to the thread at least a couple times daily, but it will probably require more time
    than that.

    4. You may not collaborate with other players outside of this thread through PM, IRC, AIM, other forums threads, etc. This is on the honor system. The game is ruined if you cheat. Anyone who is found collaborating with other players will not only be banned from future Mafia games, but will also receive a permanent ban from the forums.
    Cheating is a waste of everyone's time.

    5. There is no talking at night, period. Dead people cannot talk, period. If you break these rules, you will be banned from the next mafia game.

    6. No screenshots allowed for any purpose. No quoting anything said by the moderator via PM.

    7. Mafia Members (and Masons, if applicable in the scenario) have chat rooms for a reason. They are meant to stay private. Do not post anything from your chat room, or pretend to post anything from your chat room.

    8. When voting to lynch a player, type their name in bold and place it on a sperate line. If it is not bold it will not count. If your vote is skipped because it is not on a new line. I will not recount it.

    9. Once the game starts, the moderator will not answer questions that are asked in the game thread. If you ever have a question during the game, you can send a PM to make sure you are not breaking any rules/understand how the game works. If the answer will be helpful to everyone playing (purely to understand the mechanics of the game, not to affect the outcome), the moderator will then post it for everyone to see, so nobody will know who originally asked the question.

    10. Day voting will normally lasts 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, if there is no verdict we will move to night without a lynch. Night rounds end either once all applicable power roles have reported in or when 24 hours have passed, whichever comes first. If you are a power role and do not submit your night action before the night round ends, you will be banned from the next game.

    11. Night action order of precedence: Roleblocker > Jailkeeper > Tracker > Watcher > Doctor > Kill. All kills are executed simultaneously. A player who is killing someone while getting killed will still be successful in their kill (resulting in 2 deaths).

    12. Do not use colored text.

    13. Any game may have specifics that override these rules.

    14. Zeus will strike you down.

    15. English is the only language that you are allowed to write in.

    16. Banned players may not post in sign-up threads.

    Mafia Forum Details:
    1. Signatures are disabled.
    2. Post editing is disabled. Double-posting is allowed.
    3. Images and emoticons are disabled.
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