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    IRC Guide

    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for instant messaging. There are many different IRC servers to connect to, but DotA players tend to only use You can use IRC through a number of clients, but the most popular is mIRC. I personally prefer HexChat. Alternatively, you can use the browser-based solution, Webchat.

    Quick mIRC Guide:
    • Download and Install.
    • Options > Connect. Set your Nickname.
    • Options > Connect > Servers. Select QuakeNet.
    • Connect.
    • /join #nadota

    Create an account/qauth:
    • /msg Q HELLO youremail@address youremail@address
    • Follow the instructions to get your password.
    • /msg [email protected] AUTH username password
    • Check if you are successfully authed: /msg Q whoami
    • Change your password: /msg [email protected] NEWPASS oldpassword newpassword newpassword
    • Problems? Go to the Quakenet FAQ.

    Set up your Perform for automation:
    • Options > Connect > Options > Perform...
    • Check "Enable perform on connect"
    • Add Quakenet to your Network dropdown (or just use All Networks if you never use other servers)
    • Perform commands:
      /auth username password
      /join #nadota

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    when i add the "perform commands" and start mIRC i get "oin unknown command" or uth "unknown command" like if a letter was missing, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, its so weird, can someone help me? >.>

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