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    That picture is just asking to be Photoshopped
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    whats a Sans battlefury

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    I wanted to take thetoo and put his face over Leonardo dicraprios on the basketball diaries movie coverart and change it to the bukharan basketball diaries but I don't care anymore

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    finally got my strength back after missing the gym for a few months. I wanna do a new program. Any recommendations? I've been doing the 4-5 day muscle split for a while and it just gets old
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    Super set everything destroy shit for 30 mins then leave

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    curling in the squat rack is only bad id youre not also squatting. superset your days brah
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    Magics been way too agreeable without the least bit of negotiation. I know he's smart enough to abuse his sub-ness by taking it in the ass when it matters.
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    ya, workin out for da gurls never works ask magic, the guy trains everyday like a ucking dog and is 10 years away from gettign some poon
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    kinkshamers dont know what love is

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