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Thread: NADota Playpen

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    Quote Originally Posted by NengLM View Post
    this thread so stupid even m0rphl1ng is aware of it.
    playpen for u m0rphl1ng
    Where's an "ugh" when you need it?

    1/10, some of the worst material we've seen yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by HmmMilkshake View Post
    I think I can play support better than bdiz and universe, but I wouldn't want to regardless.
    Honestly, nadota has been overrun, or grown, or whatever you want to call it so it's no longer a little club, but a big fucking commercial/public site. Go 100% with it. Make money off ads/wongs/a store. Put streams up. Do your own content. Stop trying to hold on to the notion that we can keep the close knit club we have historically been, because it's gone at this point (and I think you know it too spit)
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    I love Love LOVE NADOTA!!
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    your in the wrong forum section morph. here i'll redirect you.

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