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    [Star Series] Quantic vs It's gosu


    Quantic Bans: Chen/Invoker/Enchant/Veno/VS

    Quantic Picks: AM/CM/Enigma/Lesh/Sand King

    It's Gosu Bans: Furion/Lycan/Tide/QoP/Rhasta

    It's Gosu Picks: WR/Beastmaster/Riki/Lich/Jakiro

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    Any updates? Did gosu lose before 20min or did SA rape

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    Quote Originally Posted by GranDGranT View Post
    Any updates? Did gosu lose before 20min or did SA rape
    Trying to get some things done so i'm not really able to watch the game all that closely.

    4 minutes in with a 1-0 lead, FB going to Broodstar on the Lich.

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    solid play by that thd and wr

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    Gosu picks up Roshan while Quantic takes the top two towers.

    Team fight in the jungle resulting in a 3 for nothing for Gosu. AM outfarming Riki right now though, Purge hasn't pulled up the gold graph in a while though so not sure on the exact stats.

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    Quantic pushes bottom tier 1 tower but ends up trading 4 for nothing (Enigma escaped with 100 hp and was hiding behind the tier 1 tower, they were chasing CM and Bulba threw out a powershot to kill her and it ended up hitting Enigma behind the tower as well).

    They took the tier 1 tower and tried to push the tier 2 tower to no avail. Quantic was able to pick off 2 heroes and then finished off PIG as he was running away so it ended up being a 3 for nothing there.

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    Jesus action packed!

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    After a couple of random kills all over the place it's now 13-17 in favor of Gosu at 22 minutes. PIG manages to pick off the bottom tier two tower while no one was watching.

    Gosu is now gearing up for the Rosh respawn.

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    Gosu picked up an uncontested Rosh and pick off Enigma shortly after. However, SK had a huge epicenter and they were able to pick off three heroes from Gosu, forcing a buyback from WR and getting the Aegis off of Riki.

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    Gosu picks off Lesh and SK mid and take a free tier two tower as a result.

    21-15 in favor of It's Gosu 25 minutes into the game. Gosu has two towers remaining, one at mid and one at bot. Quantic only has the top tower remaining.

    Still no gold update graph update, sorry.

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    PIG gets picked off on high ground by Roshan while his team was on the other side. Riki went in afterwards and ended up falling as well.

    Results in a 2 for nothing and a Cheese Roshan for Quantic.

    They are pushing mid now.

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    quantic won

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    Quantic takes the melee mid rax. It's not looking good for It's Gosu, not sure how they are going to be able to come back from this.

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    Quantic takes the win at 42 minutes.

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    no korok no win

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    Bulba got solod by the enigma twice top...well played lich however

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    real dope lich.

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